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EiTB creates Nahieran, Basque TV on demand: users choose when and what programs to watch on the internet


A list of some of the available programs on Nahieran
A list of some of the available programs on Nahieran


The new Web site Nahieran offers the possibility of enjoying Euskal Irrati Telebista’s (EITB) programming from anywhere in the world at any time. Thanks to TV on demand, users may choose what they want to watch and when. There is a lot to choose from, both in radio and TV including sports, news, series, documentaries, children's programs, outreach, and food with just a click of the mouse.

Bilbao, Bizkaia. This week EITB launched its new website Nahieran, Basque TV and radio on demand.  Users of the site will be able to watch what they wish, when they wish, from where they wish.  This is obviously a great opportunity for Basques especially in the Diaspora, who may enjoy various programming, without having to worry about the time of day; but it is also revolutionary for users in Euskal Herria, that can decide what they want to watch and create their own personal programming.

The website is very user friendly.  Just go to the Nahieran site and select the desired programs.  Users much choose between radio and TV, and then choose between live or recorded programs. All programs may be viewed either alphabetically or by type of programming.

Even though EITB hasn’t completed uploading the entire archive, it hopes to do so in the next few months.  There is already a lot to choose from including sports, news, exposés, children’s programming,  and cooking to name a few.  For example, users may view pilota games, or classic series like “Jaun da Jabe, or the program geared for Basque language students “Kerman Mintzalaguna,” music, comedy…

Another feature of Nahieran is the ability to share content.  By pasting the files, through the system “embed,” the programs can then be viewed on various media such as computers, smartphones, ipads and IPTV.



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