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During the month of August the Villegasko Euskaldunak debuted its online cooking course and club t-shirts


Callos a la Bizkaina prepared by sukaldaris at the Villegasko Euskaldunak Basque Club
Callos a la Bizkaina prepared by sukaldaris at the Villegasko Euskaldunak Basque Club


General Villegas, Argentina. Not being able to organize their regular monthly dinners at the Villegasko Euskaldunak Basque Club located in Gral. Villegas, it was decided to bring their dishes to the home of each member and friend.  They did so two ways.  On the one hand, they put together an online cooking class that the club provides on its social media under the name “Sua Piztu” (light the fire); and on the other, holding food sales like they did on August 9th where they sold a total of 160 servings of “Tripes Biscayan style.”

Interviewed by local media, club sources explained the importance of both activities to maintain communication with the community while, in the case of the food sales, keeping up with the club’s expenses, in times when other activities are not possible.

[The local InfoVillegas interviewed two references of the club, Maria Zaton and Victor Eguren.  Among other things, Eguren reported on what ingredients are needed to make 160 servings of Tripes Biscayan Style]

Club T-shirts

Also in hopes of fundraising for the club, the Euskal Etxea created club t-shirts.  Anyone interested buying one should contact members of the board of directors here. and coordinate pick up.

The Euskal Etxea on Facebook, Centro Basko Villegas

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