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Do you want to know your Basque ancestry, what village or farm you are from? Get your own personalized family book


“Tus Apellidos Vascos,” (Your Basque Last Names) provides a wonderful opportunity to get to know your origins in Euskal Herria and will make you a family book
“Tus Apellidos Vascos,” (Your Basque Last Names) provides a wonderful opportunity to get to know your origins in Euskal Herria and will make you a family book


Donostia-San Sebastian. How many times have you wondered about your origins in the Basque CountryWho were your ancesters, where they were from, how many kids they had and what was their legacy?  Have you wanted to know your Basque town, what farmhouse they came from, if it's still there or know your Basque relatives? Why they traveled to the new world: the war, exile or simply looking for a better future?

At you can learn your family history close up and rigorously.  You can get a biographic and literary story exclusive to your own ancestors, associated to your family tree and a map with a geographic itinerary that follows them through the centuries.  A story including information compiled from parish archives, and civil registries, as well as specialized archives.  All published with photos, graphics, reviews and reproductions of documents in which your ancestors appear.

They research for you. Discover your own family history in a unique and exclusive book

Everything as the result of historic research and documentation of your origins complied in a unique and exclusive book, with oak covers as a symbol of Basque identity.

Behind the work is a team of researchers known for their rigor and results.  It is a team of historians and journalists that have made tv programs like Todos los apellidos vascos” and “Origen” that  successfully broadcasted on Euskal Telebista.

These same professionals will be now in charge of narrating and situating your story making it absolutely personal, yours, and that of your family with a purpose, that you understand who you are and where you come from.

In order for this to be possible, you have to have at least one Basque last name or a last name that came from the Basque Country up to three generations.  Wherever they are from, or where they live, in Euskal Herria or the Basque Diaspora.

“A trip through your Basque ancestors with personalized research”

It can be a person or an entire family interested in learning more about their roots.  Also companies or institutions that want to find out the genealogy of some reference in their field.

Besides, researching your family, this same team offers you the possibility of organizing for you a trip to your origins, as well as a family meeting. Thanks to an accredited guide, you can get to know your ancestors farmhouse and take the same path that they did through their towns, countryside and customs.

The website explains everything in detail including what is contained in the book and how to contact the team of professionals among other things. They provide personal attention in hopes that the research is to the liking of each individual.

-Contact them via email or by phone +34 690 785 084 Basque Country time

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