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Completing the Olentzero’s 2011 photo album: his visits to Boise’s Ikastola and Washington DC


The kids were celebrating pajama day when the Olentzero suddenly appeared (photo Boise Ikastola)
The kids were celebrating pajama day when the Olentzero suddenly appeared (photo Boise Ikastola)


The New Year has begun but we’re still hearing about the Olentzero’s visits to various Basque centers and clubs around the world. The mythic coal maker announcing Christmas in the Basque tradition and making children’s dreams come true in Basque communities all over the world, once again, traveled millions of miles to visit them in person. Following are some images of two of these visits in the US at Washington DC’s Basque club and also at Boise’s Ikastola among others.

Donostia-San Sebastian.  Boise’s Basque community was visited by the Olentzero twice this last year.  First, on December 4th when he attended Euzkaldunak’s Christmas party where he sang and handed out gifts to the kids; the second was on December 16th at Boise’s Ikastola, where he made a special visit to the girls and boys who are learning Basque there as well as more about everything, including Basque culture. 

It was “pijama day” at the Ikastola, and more than one must of thought he/she was still dreaming when the Olentzero appeared, dressed in his txapela and his work clothes.  The girls and boys had a great time with him.  They sang Christmas carols in Basque and then each sat on his knee to give him a card.   To end his visit, the Olentzero enjoyed cookies made by the kids.

Olentzero Boiseko Ikastolan (1)

  [Make up session before seeing the kids (photo Boise Ikastola)]Olentzero Boiseko Ikastolan (3)

[Dressed in their pajamas, the girls and boys each gave the Olentzero a card (photo Boise Ikastola)]Olentzero Boiseko Ikastolan (4)

[Ummmmmmmm!  The Olentzero ended his visit delighted by the cookies that the kids had made especially for him (photo Boise Ikastola)]

In Washington DC too

The Olentzero also visited the US capital, invited by Washington’s Euskal Etxea.  This young Basque club celebrated its Christmas party on December 10th and there was the Olentzero with a pipe in his mouth, just as the song says.  The children of the club were astonished but soon loosened up especially after he began to hand out presents. 

The Basque club has published several photos of the party on its website.

Olentzero Washingtonen 2011

[The Olentzero visited the Washington DC Basque club on December 10th, and handed out gifts to the kids (photo Washington DC)]


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