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Bizigarri, a new option in Basque gastronomy in Mar del Plata with the best of the sea and the pampa


A view from the window of Bizigarri Restaurant (photoBizigarri)
A view from the window of Bizigarri Restaurant (photoBizigarri)


The Argentinean and Basque coasts have come together again, this time in the kitchen. Since last month, in the city of Mar del Plata the main tourist center in the province of Buenos Aires, has a new restaurant where you can enjoy Basque specialties, basic dishes created with fresh fish and shellfish but also with meat choices to complete the menu. Bizigarri is run by its owners, trained in Hondarribia and is open from Tuesday to Sunday at night on Avellaneda street on the corner of San Luis.

Mar del Plata, Argentina.  Bizigarri is used in Basque to characterize that which gives life, that which animates; but also it is a term used to talk about condiments and something that has a quality to enhance flavor.  That is why, as well as being a term heard in the kitchen at Caserio-Restaurant in Hondarribia Arrokaberri, is why Sebastian Camparin and Gonzalo Ruiz, both from Argentina, decided to name their restaurant that.

“We lived for nearly 10 years in Hondarribia, Gipuzkoa, and we learned a lot there.  We worked in the Arrokaberri restaurant that was a fortunate post-doc for us that allowed us to understand the dimension of the concept of gastronomy,” said the young chefs to

In that way, with the experience that we gained in the kitchen of that baserri, to bring it to Argentina was necessary.  “After so much time living there our palate changed radically and when we thought about our project, it was impossible to bring those flavors to our own restaurant,” they said.  In regards to a locale, for its characteristics and its placement in Mar del Plata was an ideal fit for Bizigarri: “It is on the coast but at the same time 20km inland, we have mountains and some of the richest agricultural – ranches in the country: we felt that these were perfect conditions for our project and we did it…”.

 Mar del Platako Bizigarri Jatetxea 2014 01

[One of the delicacies that can be enjoyed at Bizigarri (photoBizigarri)]

The new Basque restaurant in Mar del Plata opened its doors on January 4, 2014 and since then has had a great influx of visitors that can enjoy the menu based fundamentally on fish, rice and shellfish but also include red meat.  Bizigarri is open to the public Tuesday-Sunday at night, although it will also open at noon with special menus beginning in April.

“Anyone wishing to try special dishes with a little pampa and a little sea, with flavors from the Cantabric but on Argentinean beaches, only have to come to Bizigarri on Avellaneda Street on the corner San Luis in Mar del Plata.”  Basque club members will also receive a 25% discount depending on the availability, with reservations.  They can also call 0223 579-5351.  Bizigarri is also on Facebook under the name Restaurante Bizigarri.


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