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The Navarrese Center in Mar del Plata, reestablished 3 years ago, will celebrate San Fermin 2013 on the beach


Invitation to this year's San Fermin celebration from the Centro Navarro in Mar del Plata
Invitation to this year's San Fermin celebration from the Centro Navarro in Mar del Plata


In 2009, a group formed mostly of members of Centro Navarro of the South in Mar del Plata, decided to form a dance group, “Sexta Merindad.” The decision was made as a response to requests that had been addressed to the board of directions, among which, and according to members of the new club, not allowing some youth to enter the clubhouse. Since then, each group took different paths, even though the “Navarrese Center of the South” was soon truncated: in 2009 their headquarters were sold. Due to this situation, members of “Sexta Merindad” decided to reestablish the Centro Navarro in Mar del Plata in order to continue to be able to continue spreading the culture of their ancestors in the area. They continue to do so and invite everyone to participate in San Fermin again this year. The event is scheduled for July 7th on the beach.

Mar del Plata, Argentina. "At the end of 2007 we realized about things that we didn’t feel were appropriate at the time of putting together a board of directors.  After speaking to two people who were on the board, and while we were threatened with non-access to the center.  Over time and with a long involved history, most of the dancers and the youth in the group decided to form the dance group “Sexta Merindad.”  It was established on March 1, 2009.

Mar del Platako Nafar Etxe berria 2013 01

[The “Sexta Merindad” dance group was formed in March 1, 2009 (photoNE)]

And so starts the story of Sebastian Borro, treasurer of the new Navarrese Center in Mar del Plata, who explains why the institution needed to be recreated.  Remember that historically the meeting point of the Navarrese and their descendants in Mar del Plata and the surrounding area was the “Centro Navarro del Sud.”  However, three years ago, and as a result of serious economic problems, the Center lost its headquarters and closed.

“Near the end of 2009 and with no solution to the large debt, the Center was closed and we lost the clubhouse.  Faced with this situation, in 2010, on March 1, we decided to try again and reestablish, without the help of the elders, who were mad for no reason about the intervening events, the new Centro Navarro in Mar del Plata.  The institution that had previously been closed and today is no longer functioning,” they told

Now the future

Since being founded in 2010, the new club vigorously pursues certain objectives.  As Sebastian Borro explains, “We currently have about 90 members and hope, through something similar to a census, to recuperate everyone who ever participated as well as those Navarrese who are spread throughout the city and area.  Our relationship with other Navarrese centers is excellent and we are now completing the reintegration of the headquarters of Mar del Plata in the Federation of Centros Navarros in Argentina.”

“Because of reasons already mentioned, we don’t have our own clubhouse but we are hoping to find one.  In the meantime we carry out activities in institutions and lounges provided or we rent places.  Currently we hold the majority of our events at the Casal Catalá.

Activities: traditional ones and those planned for this year

One of the most awaited activities by our members, without a doubt is the San Fermin celebration. Even though members participate in other events like the anniversary of the club, or the Day of Navarre, the festival of the red scarfs remains the symbol of people from Navarre as well as those from Mar del Plata.  This year we will celebrate on July 7, on the each, enjoying paella.

Mar del Platako Nafar Etxe berria 2013 02

[The Navarrese Center in Mar del Plata will celebrate, among other festivals, the anniversary of the city's one, San Fermin and the Day of Navarre (photoNE)]

The day will begin with mass at 11am, with the image of the saint present.  Later at 13:00 the get-together will be at Balenario 21 in Punta Mogotes where paella will be prepared for 250 people.  During the afternoon there will be Navarran dances, Argentinean folklore, Riau Riau and chocolate and churros for snack, “the bota will also tour the tables for anyone wanting another drink,” they joke.

Board of Directors 2012-2014

A new story began to write itself three years ago in Mar del Plata; or perhaps a new chapter on the continuum which tends to be the story.  In any case, the leaders of the new Center have a large and important ask ahead of them that they face with much excitement and better humor, as they have so far.

The current board, elected in November 2012 will be in place through 2014 and is comprised of the following:

-President: Diego Martín Seibel
-Vice-president: Carlos Giles
-Secretary: Fernanda Roig
-Pro-secretary: Mercedes Pedersoli
-Treasurer: Sebastián Gabriel Borro
-Pro-treasurer: Alejandra Lezana
-Board members: Jorge Spirilis and Miguel Ranchi
-Additional board members: Gloria Baztan and Ricardo Elorza Villamayor
-Auditors: Leandro González, María Victoria Sarasa, Luján Larroquet and Estela Olgado.

Finally, the new Centro Navarro in Mar del Plata has also told that information regarding its activities are also on Facebook (Centro Navarro de Mar del Plata). Club email: <a></a>.


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