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Basque Diaspora group Zutarriak presents from Argentina “Itsasoan,” the first of three singles to debut in 2020


Graphic of the song “Itsasoan,” by Zutarriak
Graphic of the song “Itsasoan,” by Zutarriak


Buenos Aires, Argentina. After five years of rehearsals and concerts at important Basque community festivals, the Basque-Argentine folk group, Zutarriak, are officially launching “Itsasoan.” The work has already get the approval of the Elkar Record label that manages the rights of the original work. Itsason is one of three titles that comprise the new EP by the group.  Listen to the beautiful tributes to Julen Lekuona, lyrics; and Xabier Lete. music (links provided below).

In the words of the group’s leader, Ignacio Esquiroz,  “'Itsasoan' is a cover with our own arrangements, inspired by the original works of Julen Lekuona Itsasoan urak handi dire, well-known among the Basques of the Diaspora, music by poet and musician Xabier Lete. . (Original 1976 version here, 34:10).

“Our version,” the musician explains, “recorded in the Panacea Studio, presents a regenerated sound approach within the concept of Folk from the Eighth Province.  A new search where modern sounds from synthesizers and digital processes dialogue with the most universal folkloric telluric timbres.”

This is “An ambitious melting pot where, through the guiding thread of Euskera, the present is integrated with the past, the local with the global.  That is why we dare to change the first word of the lyrics from Zazpi senideko por Zortzi senideko. A small gesture to incorporate ourselves as the Diaspora into the song’s message.” (zazpi-seven sibilings for the seven Basque provinces, changed to zortzi-eight, incorporating the Diaspora)

Comprised of Ignacio Esquiroz, Francisco Gandara, Julian Gandara and Victoria Wainer, Zutarriak has already made the song available to the public on digital platforms.  “Itsasoan,” can be heard on the following:



  • Itsasoan and Xabier lete

    Xabier Lete is my favorite Basque singer and Zazpi senideko famili batetan along with Xalbadorren Heriotzean is his song I like the most. Din´t know it was written by Julen Lekuona. Thanks

    Tom Miller (Washington DC), 05/07/2020 23:42

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