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Basque clubs all over the world will celebrate Aberri Eguna this weekend and throughout the month


Aberri Eguna celebration at New York's Basque club in 2011 (photo EENY)
Aberri Eguna celebration at New York's Basque club in 2011 (photo EENY)


From Sunday until the end of the month, Basque clubs around the world will join in on the Aberri Eguna, or the Day of the Basque Homeland, celebrations. This is one of the most celebrated events in the Basque community in the Diaspora from Quebec to Buenos Aires, and from Sydney to London; Basques from very different countries will unite to celebrate the link that unites them all: the land of their elders. Even though the official holiday is Sunday, in many Basque centers the festivities are delayed a week or more, aiming to gather the largest number of participants possible.

Donostia-San Sebastian.  Even though some Basque clubs like Gure Txoko in Sydney (Australia) and Eusko Etxea in Valencia-Carabobo (Venezuela) are ahead of Schedule, the majority of Basque clubs in the Diaspora will celebrate Aberri Eguna between this Sunday and the next.  In Australia, the members of Gure Txoko got together on April 1 at Centennial Park in Sydney, where they always celebrate the Day of the Basque Homeland; while the Basque-Venezuelans in Valencia-Carabobo did the same on April 3 at the club house.   

Nevertheless, a large part of the festivities will take place this weekend starting in New York where Eusko Etxea has organized its event on Easter Sunday.  The day will begin with a Basque mass, celebrated by Bishop Josu Iriondo, and will conclude with an elaborate dinner by Chef Iñaki Lete.  Further south, in Miami, the Txoko Alai Basque club will also celebrate the day with a meal that will take place on Sunday at the Lago de los Angulos.

In London, the London Basque Society-Euskal Elkartea has announced a complete program of events for this Sunday that will begin with a meal, followed by a concert of Jazz and Boss nova by the group Malatu and a festival with Basque music at the Basque club bar.  In Venezuela, Eusko Etxea in Caracas won’t miss Aberri Eguna and will offer members and friends a complete program of festivities that include mass, dance, pilota games and a meal, that they are expecting many to attend as always.    

In Mexico, the Mexico City Basque club has organized a meal that will take place on Sunday at its headquarters of Polanco.  In Madrid the Euskal Etxea will celebrate an Aberri Eguna meal at the club’s restaurant, which has recently reopened under the new successful management of Sagardi. 

Next week in Argentina

As in previous years, the Basque community in Argentina will push back their celebrations a bit, hoping to gather the largest number of members as possible.  There are many events, so we will only talk about a few.  In Buenos Aires, the Argentine Basque Coordination Group will join in the Independentistak, Aberri Eguna celebration with a get together on April 10 in the Plaza de Mayo at 18:30 (more information:  In La Plata, Professor Cesar Arrondo will give a talk on Aberri Eguna at the National University on Wednesday the 11, in an academic-festive event that will end with an aperitif. 

In Chascomus, the Basque Argentinean Center “Zingirako Euskaldunak” will celebrate on Saturday the 14 of April with the inauguration of the exhibit “The Basque Footprint” (at the Salon de Espejos at the Municipal Palace) and a Basque dinner at the Pilota club’s ranch.  On the same day, but in Cañuelas, the local Basque club will celebrate the sixth edition of the Dancers’ Get-Together that will run through Sunday.  Delegations and dance groups from several Argentinean Basque clubs will take part in the dance festival and to enjoy Aberri Eguna in good company.  On Sunday the event will close with a farewell dinner.

Vancouver, Washington, Quebec...

In Canada, the Zazpiak Bat Basque club of Vancouver will gather its members for a picnic in Mayview Circle, Burnaby on Saturday April 14.  On the same day the Euskal Etxea of Washington will also celebrate its traditional Aberri Eguna picnic in a park in the US capital.

Returning to Argentina, the Toki Eder Euskal Etxea in José C. Paz will push its celebration back to April 22, when it has organized a lunch to celebrate Aberri Eguna.  The Basque club Euskaldunak of Quebec has finalized the date for its celebration that will take place on April 29. Eusko Etxea of Santiago of Chile and the Euskal Erria Basque Center of Montevideo, Uruguay will celebrate this year Aberri Eguna as a part of their respective Centennial programs.

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