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Argentina: The Lyric Soul Foundation will include Basque opera and traditional song at its virtual concert on Friday


Victoria Roldán and Cristian Carrero at one of the online performances
Victoria Roldán and Cristian Carrero at one of the online performances


Bahía Blanca, Argentina. In hopes of staying in touch with its audience, the Lyric Soul Foundation in Bahia Blanca is developing talks and live concerts on its Instagram and Facebook accounts.  As part of the program, and in a presentation entitled, “Viva España!” that includes artistic productions from the north of the peninsula, soprano Victoria Roldan and tenor Cristian Carrero will perform arias and duos from famous zarzuelas, Spanish chamber music and also Basque opera.  The repertoire also includes fragments in Euskera from MirentxuChanton Piperi and traditional Zorcicos.

The concert will take place tomorrow, May 22nd broadcast from the Lyric Soul headquarters at 8:30pm local time, 4:30pm in California, 6:30pm in Mexico, and 1:30 on Saturday morning in the Basque Country.  The concert is free and open to anyone wishing to tune in on the Foundation’s social media accounts (see below).

Victoria Roldan and Cristian Carrero are well-known international singers and producers that also completed a Basque music project in 2017, specifically Euskal Kantuen Ibilbide Luzea (The Long Voyage of Basque Song) that included performances of several Euskal Etxeas across the country.

As part of this activity, and to talk about different Basque cultural topics, the Lyric Soul Foundation has invited to participate in a live talk on Wednesday May 27th.  The talk will be at 7pm local time again on their social media accounts.

-Lyric Soul Foundatio on Facebook
-Lyric Soul Foundatio on Instagram

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