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Are you between the ages of 15-17 and live in the Diaspora? EuskarAbentura provides a unique opportunity to tour Euskal Herria


Poster for EuskarAbentura 2021
Poster for EuskarAbentura 2021


Donostia-San Sebastian. EuskarAbentura is an initiative that provides 120 youth in Euskal Herria and the Diaspora the chance to tour Euskal Herria on foot for a month during the summer, getting to connect first hand in Euskera, to our culture, geography, and customs.  It is also a very special opportunity to make new Basque friends. Besides passing through various towns, participants enjoy the luxury of expert local guides and well-known people who participate to explain each place, festival or custom.

EuskarAbentura began in 2018, with a tour that began in Maule (Zuberoa) and concluding in Getxo (Bizkaia). Participation is free.  The requirements to participate are the following:

- Be between the ages of 15-17
- Be capable of communicating in Euskera
- Want to tour and get to know Euskal Herria for a month and make a ton of friends

Vídeo for EuskarAbentura 2021 (image by Iker Maguregi and Andrea Martinez; music, Zetak)

In prior editions, participants from the Diaspora came from Argentina (Viedma), Washington DC and Sweden.

The deadline to apply is open until March 12th.  To participate you have to send a minute-long presentation video and present an individual project.  The selection process this year will consider applicants from the 2020 expedition that had to be canceled due to the Coronavirus.

In regards to projects, the goal is to encourage reflection of youth on different current topics.  Topics to choose from this year include: From the farmhouse to the plate, the impact of the food consumption model on our health and the environment; Klik eta post, on the importance given to image in our society; and Age, source of knowledge, on the importance of valuing the experience that older people bring.

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