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Activities like the anniversary dinner and an art workshop exhibit ended the year at the Salto Basque club, Uruguay


Salto Basque club members at the Immigrant Day festivities (photo SaltokoEuskaldunenTaldea)
Salto Basque club members at the Immigrant Day festivities (photo SaltokoEuskaldunenTaldea)


Many different activities have been organized during the last few weeks by the Saltoko Euskaldunen Taldea, as the grand finale to the year’s activities organized by the Basque collectivity of Salto in the northwest of Uruguay. The entity also celebrated another anniversary of its founding, the traditional exhibit from its Art workshop, celebrated the International Day of Euskera and participated in the Immigrants’ parade as well as hosting a fun Basque night.

Salto, Uruguay.  The Salto Basque club celebrated the International Day of Euskera the first Saturday of December, with an event and a Basque bar that also coincided with bidding farewell to 2011 and marking another anniversary of the founding of the center.  The club also has an active blog on the internet – Vascos en Salto/Saltoko Euskaldunen taldea – from which members and friends are kept abreast of club news and activities. 

The artistic activities, and more specifically its art workshop, are some of the initiatives that bring character to its annual program.  The club’s blog keeps folks up to date and also provides images of the work done at this year’s art workshop, taught by award-winning artist Maria Angela Jaunena.  The exhibit included works of some its members, like Rosaria Brancato, Luis Alberto Gonzales, Melania Passarini, Lorena Sepulveda, Jaqueline Igari, Annette Anllelini, Ana María y Cristina Juanena, Diego Borges and Bethania Silva.

Salto Muestra Arte 2011

[Participants in the art workshop exhibit (photo SET)]

Other recent club activities include its participation in November in the Celebration of the Immigrant in Salto, in which the dantzaris participated among other activities.  Friends from the Concordia Euskal Etxea also attended the celebration and augmented the Basque presence there.  Aitziber Arana was honored at the celebration, as she had taught Basque at the center during the year and is now on her way back to Gasteiz. 

Salto Aitziber Arana 2011

[Aitziber Arana, Basque teacher from the Salto Basque club, being honored during at her going away party (photo SET)]

Salto Noche Vasca 2011

[Young Salto Basque club members getting ready to sing at the Basque Night (photo SET)] 

Also worth noting was the exciting Basque Night, celebrated at the beginning of November, where young and old alike sang and danced, creating an unforgettable atmosphere. 

-More photos on the Saltoko Euskaldunen Taldea blog, here
-Salto Basque club Facebook page, here

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