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A Reading in Basque and Catalan will close the book presentation of “Estellés euskaraz” today


Presentation of "Estelles Euskaraz" in November, 2013 in Godella (photoAjuntamentGodella)
Presentation of "Estelles Euskaraz" in November, 2013 in Godella (photoAjuntamentGodella)


A reading of poems from the anthology book Estellés Euskaraz written by Valencian poet Vicent Andres Estelles, translated from Catalan into Basque by Gerardo Markuleta and published last year in a bilingual edition will take place this afternoon in Valencia, Spain. After presentations in Godela, Burjassot, Lliria, Vitoria-Gasteiz and Durango, the book will be presented now in the capital of Valencia, not just in Basque and Catalan but also in other languages like English, Italian and French. The Basque version will be read by members of the Euskaltzaleok Valentzia Basque club in Quart de Poblet, in Valencia.

Valencia, Spain. The Octubre Cultural Center in the city of Valencia will be the site of the closing of the cycle of presentations of the book Estellés Euskaraz, an anthology of poems by Vicent Andres Estelles (1924-1993), in Catalan and Euskera.  The presentation will take place today, Thursday March 27th, at 7pm with the participation Jordi Sebastiá, Mayor of Burjassot, the city Estelles was born in 1924.

Estellés Euskaraz is the first poetry anthology by an author in Catalan translated to Basque. It was published by Bostezo publishers with the collaboration of the municipalities of Godella and Burjassot.

After its presentation in this two cities, as well as in Lliria, Vitoria-Gasteiz and at the Durango Book Festival, the bilingual book of poems, Estellés Euskaraz will now be presented at the capital city of Valencia with an event where Basque, Catalan, English, Italian and French are some of the languages that the poetic verses will be heard in.

Besides the Mayor of Burjassot, other participants at this multilingual reading will include: poets Hector Arnau (book anthology) and Eduardo Marco, historian Vicent Baydal, Dominic Kewn, Professor and Estelles English translator, as well as members of the Euskaltzaleok Valentzia Basque club and the Association of Writers in the Catalan Language (AELC).

Paco Inclan, editor at Bostezo, received proposals for this linguistic journey in reverse, meaning translating the work from a Basque poet to Catalan. He said to the local paper El Periodic they “are happy with the reception that the book had, not regarding numbers but qualitatively: it is serving to strengthen the links between the Valencian and Basque people.  Nevertheless, it is too bad that this bilingual edition is seen as exotic and a rarity which makes us understand the dislocation that the (Spanish) State is suffering in regards to languages.” 


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