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A new season of the radio program Presencia Vasca begins, celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2015


Federico Borras, directing the first Presencia Vasca program of 2015
Federico Borras, directing the first Presencia Vasca program of 2015


The live radio program is run by Federico Borras, and can be heard on Sundays from 11-12pm on LRI 365 University Radio (105.7 Mhz) in Parana.  The program that began in March of 1990 has now reached its 25th uninterrupted year on the air and it will be celebrated with festivities on April 26 coinciding with the 15th anniversary of the Urrundik Basque Association. 

Parana, Argentina.  If creating a project to disseminate the Basque culture is a challenge, having it endure through time is also no small challenge.  If you ask Federico Borras Alcain, who is in charge of the production and management of Presencia Vasca, what the key of its longevity was, the lawyer would say that tenacity is the key.  “This characteristic is so typical of our people, tenacity, and energy to continue moving forward, in spite of everything.  In twenty-five years anything can happen in the lives of each one, in our country and even internationally.  We have always been disposed to reset and continue; and we are proud of this continuity, which also, of course, includes trying to do things better every day,” he confessed to

Silver Anniversary

Twenty-five years are a lot especially at the beginning of the century, with the velocity and information circulation associated with new technologies, which require constant change and required being able to adapt.  “Even if the goal of the project remains the same, disseminating Basque culture, we surely have gone through a lot of changes.  When we began, the idea of dissemination was at the local level, now via the internet, they can listen in the city as well as across the country, in Uruguay and even in the Basque Country!  Who would have imagined 25 years ago that this would have been possible.  Knowing that we have been heard in the Basque Country makes us very happy, but it also doubles our commitment,” Borras added.

Effective Format

Technological advances have allowed Presencia Vasca to provide an easy format to present news, music, outside commentaries including that of Mikel Ezkerro, as well as a Basque microphone that began in the beginning of 2014 and will continue this year. As part of the microphone, and during last year from the Basque Country, journalist Jon Intxaurraga read texts in Euskera that were later glossed to Spanish by the director of the program.

Double Festivities

As every anniversary, the Silver Anniversary of Presencia Vasca will be celebrated on April 26.  The celebration will be a double event as the Urrundik Basque Association will also be celebrating its 15th anniversary in April.  The lunch will be at the end of the program and will take place at the Elk Circulo Hotel in Parana.

The Presencia Vasca is broadcast by the University Radio (105.7 Mhz) in Parana, on Sundays form 11-12pm.  For anyone outside of its broadcasting area, the program can also be heard on the internet:  To contact the program by phone +54 343 4347777 or via email:  You can also find them on Facebook: “Presencia Vasca Paraná”.

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