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A list of Basque and Navarrese immigrants who went to Mexico in the XIX century published online


Cover of the Guide to Basques and Navarrese in Mexico in the 19 Century by Josu Ruiz de Gordejuela
Cover of the Guide to Basques and Navarrese in Mexico in the 19 Century by Josu Ruiz de Gordejuela


Thanks to the VascosMexico list, that gathers a large group of Basque descendants in this North American country, we found out about the availability online of a book that would be very interesting for anyone looking for family members or ancestors who immigrated to Mexico. The book, written by historian Josu Ruiz de Gordejuela, is called Guide to Basques and Navarrese to Mexico. XIX Century that provides a list with data of 4,700 emigrants born in the Basque Country who settled in Mexico during this century.

Mexico City, Mexico.  Thanks to the National Institute of Historic Studies of the Mexican Revolutions, people interested in finding ancestors among the Basques that immigrated to Mexico during the 19th century have a new source to consult data, and this time online.  Guide to Basques and Navarrese to Mexico. XIX Century compiled by Josu Ruiz de Gordejuela, an expert on Basque emigration to this country and author of numerous works and articles on the topic.

The guide presents a list of 4,700 immigrants to Mexico who were born in the Basque Country throughout the 19th century.  The list is organized by last name of the immigrant, in alphabetical order, and includes data such as name, town/province, date of birth, marital status, place of residence, occupation, type and date of document (affidavits, security, etc.) where said immigrant appears and finally a paragraph of comments.

For people interested in consulting the guide, the author advises that in some cases it may be appropriate to consult various alternatives, since the same surname may have been written differently.  For example, in the case of Echevarria (new house) it is written in this way in Bizkaia and in other areas in Araba, and parts of Gipuzkoa, Navarre it is written Echeverria.  In Iparralde, on the other hand, it would be Etcheberry or Etcheverry.  Additionally the surname may have been registered as Chevarria, Cheverria, and from the 20th century, as Etxebarri(a) and Etxeberri(a).  Therefore, the user is encouraged possible alternatives of the surname in question.

The book can be found here.



  • List of Basque and Navarrese immigrants

    I am also interested in the book. My grandmother was a Jauregui from Chihuahua Mexico. Through a blog I learned about a Francisco Jauregui who was exiled from Spain because of La Pepa constitution of 1812. My grandmother died before I was born so I know nothing about my Basque heritage and would like to learn more about that time in Basque history.

    Elizabeth Lackey (Texas), 09/18/2019 06:37

  • Basque Navarrese immigrants from Mexico

    My maternal grandfather immigrated from Spain first to the US in 1908, then to Mexico. He and his brother left with the expulsion of the Spaniards and my grandfather went to Oklahoma and my great-uncle to California. Family oral history is that my great uncle started a vineyard there. How would I find out any information about him?

    Carolyn Diaz Munoz (Colorado), 09/17/2019 23:08

  • Guide to Basques and Navarrese to Mexico compiled by Josu Ruiz de Gordejuela

    I would be interested in finding out about your book. Cost, paperback, hardback, photos, etc. My ancestry is Navarrete, Rodrigues, Gochicoa. I was told before my mom passed away of family coming from Spain to Mexico. She mentioned something about working for the government. Thank you, Florinda

    Florinda Wallace, 08/26/2013 21:24

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