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A Basque-American camp is proposed for youth ages 15 to21 to get closer to the reality of the Basque Country


Deadline to enroll in this experience for youth between the ages of 15 and 21 is July 10th
Deadline to enroll in this experience for youth between the ages of 15 and 21 is July 10th


Seattle, WA, USA. Who said that to get to know the Basque Country you had to travel there?  The pandemic has made travel difficult and challenged us to think of new ways of doing things.  In this context Atipikoa was born, a proposal for young Basque-Americans between the ages of 15 and 21.  It is a sort of Udaleku experience for 10 days in nature that aims to get to know and live Basque culture in is various forms, reviewing history, but emphasizing the Basque Country today, Toni Sabarots explained to

Atipikoa will take place August 1-10th on the Lopez Islands in the San Juan County north of Seattle and south of Vancouver.  Cost to participate is $200 per person.  Participants will enjoy a complete program of activities.  After breakfast at the resort where they will be lodged, there will be seminars on history, Diaspora, Euskera, and music among other topics addressing both the history and the current reality of the Basque Country.

In the afternoon, Sabarots planned options for those who would like to kayak, hike, or cycle, or those who want to devote themselves to the artistic (carpentry, metal work, painting and glass blowing). At night, there will be movies as well as bioluminescence sightings to be enjoyed and share experiences of the day around a bonfire.

There will be Basque-American monitors, as well as Aitor Azkoitia Irastortza from Azkoitia, who graduated from BSU and will speak to the campers for example about the latest most successful bands from the Basque Country.  Udaleku aims to complement the theoretical with the practical, the traditional with the modern.  If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact Toni Sabarots 1 206 321 2107 or by email

To register, click here.
IMPORTANT: Deadline to register is July 10th.

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