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"Put the beret on too" Barcelona’s Euskal Etxea launches a campaign to reach 500 members


Club members pose with their txapelas for the campaign poster (photo Barcelona EE)
Club members pose with their txapelas for the campaign poster (photo Barcelona EE)


The Basque Center of Barcelona wants to break the 500 member barrier, and so to do this, they have launched a membership campaign, entitled “Posa’t la txapela tu també!” (Put the txapela on too). The campaign has two objectives: the first one economic, since the membership dues sustain the club; and the second, to let people know of the association’s existence, inviting people to get to know and enjoy the Basque culture. The center is opening its doors today, coinciding with the new semester. This week they are hosting concerts, talks and other activities just prior to la Diada, the Catalan national holiday that takes place on Sunday.

Barcelona, Catalonia.  The Euskal Etxea of Barcelona currently has 400 members and wishes to add another 100 members this fall, to break the 500 member barrier.  With this as their goal, the association has launched a campaign “Posa’t la txapela tu també,” that will last until the end of the year.

One of the reasons for the campaign is economic, as admitted by those in charge to  “The primary source of funds of the euskal etxea comes from the members, the restaurant, and grants.  We have launched the campaign in order to bolster our funds and to alleviate our economic dependence,” Aitor Arruti explained.  “But this isn’t our only goal; we also want to bring more people to the club.”

Discount for members

Single members monthly dues are 12 Euros, while families pay 18 Euros (including parents and children younger than 18).  There is also a special membership for students, the unemployed, and seniors at 6 Euros a month).  “Thanks to the efforts and support of our members we have been able to carry out activities such as a movie series, Basque courses, dance, txalaparta workshops, a literary festival etc.” all  at the Center.  Members enter at no charge to many activities, and also enjoy discounts for classes (especially for Basque), concerts and meals.  To become a member fill out this form.

The profile of a member of the Euskal Etxea of Barcelona is varied, and according to Arruti, there are two main groups: “one consists of those who created the center, who have lived there for years; and many others are Basque language students.”  There are Basques, Catalans, Italians, French, and Finnish…whoever loves Basque culture has found their niche at the Center.

This month’s calendar of events, here.

Euskal Etxea, Barcelona Basque Center
Placeta Montcada 1-3 Entrada per Arc de Sant Vicenç (BORN)
Phone: 93.310.22.00 (restaurant 933102185)
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