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EUSKALKULTURA.EUS consists of a bulletin and webpage that specializes in Basques, Basque clubs and Basque culture outside the geographical limits of Euskal Herria. It was created to serve the Basques in the Diaspora, as well as the greater Basque world, in order to aid the recognition of Basque contribution from “the outside” pertaining to the larger global Basque community.

We are the pioneers of a virtual meeting point and information resource regarding Basque Heritage and we are a referential publication echoing the activity and the concerns of many people and communities who work to maintain the Basque culture and contribute from wherever they are in the Basque universe.

EUSKALKULTURA.EUS operates with a real small professional staff that coordinates, combines and stimulates the volunteer work of many people.  As such, what sets us apart from other resources are our principal characteristics and incentives to cooperate with and mutually support those who work in Basque culture and identity, while promoting solidarity among Basques in different countries.  The position that now enjoys, at the heart of the international Basque world, is the result of more than two decades of uninterupted work in the field by our founders, and the personal experience gained through this project, since its first publication on the internet in 2001.

Did you know that you can receive our daily newsletter for free? We currently offer a daily newsletter in Basque or Spanish and the weekly English version is ready for launch. You can subscribe by clicking English or Basque or Spanish here.  You can also pass the information to your friends and family, or anyone who would like to be kept up to date on what is happening in the Basque Diaspora.

If you are member of a Basque community and would like to contribute, whether once, every once in a while, or on a regular basis by sending information about your community or anything Basque happening in your area (or in any other role that you see fit) please feel free to share your ideas with us through e-mail. Please know that any contribution, big or small, is very much appreciated, as this is a community effort.

Mila esker, Thank you in advance!

Joseba Etxarri






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