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Sometimes I receive emails inquiring about membership in NABO. Now some of these are from Basque clubs/organizations but a good many are from individuals wanting to see about joining themselves. I have to send back a message that we are a federation with a membership of Basque entities rather than individuals. But it gets me to wondering, just what is NABO’s image or larger perception—if any—among Basques? How is NABO’s purpose or function perceived?

NABO began in 1973 with a handful of clubs and today we count over thirty organizations from throughout the United States. At its inception, one of its chief objectives was to "offer present member organizations some cultural and educational experiences in Basque heritage not possible through the sponsorship of smaller individual clubs" with the goal of preserving Basque culture here in the United States. NABO has pursued this goal in various ways that include this newsletter which aims to better inform our members.<br><br>

Humans relate to images and symbols, and while NABO possesses a logo (a lauburu with NABO initials on a red, white & blue background), the logo does not convey a message about our purpose. So in searching for an image to encapsulate the mission of NABO, the uztarri (Basque for yoke) comes to mind. In the Basque country, the uztarri is used to harness two or more oxen to pull a cart. This now serves as our analogy: the uztarri (the federation of NABO) combines the strength of various oxen (NABO’s member organizations) so together we can keep the cart (Basque culture) moving into the future.<br><br>

Now across three plus decades, NABO continues its efforts to serve as a vehicle of linking together various Basque organizations that share the same belief: that Basque culture is worth preserving here in America.

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