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Xare in Argentina: Buenos Aires and La Plata will be the sites of a new edition of the “Balda” and “Del Rio” Cups


The “Balda” and “Del Rio” Cups will be held November 27-December 2 (photoFIPV)
The “Balda” and “Del Rio” Cups will be held November 27-December 2 (photoFIPV)


The tournaments will be held November 27-December 2nd, followed by the World Youth Trinquete Championship in Buenos Aires, with the solid support of the FIPV.  The “Balda” and the "Del Rio” Cups will make visible the work done by the Federation in support of this discipline of pilota, with already a dozen schools in America. provides a list of contacts. 

Buenos Aires, Argentina.   Organized by the Laurak Bat Basque Club and the Gure Echea Club in Buenos Aires, with the support of the International Federation of Basque Pilota (FIPV), and the Argentine Pilota Federation, in 2017 the “Basilio Balda” and the “Vicente del Rio” Xare Cups will once again take place.  The event will be on November 27 and matches will take place at the aforementioned Basque club trinquetes as well as at the Euzko Etxea in La Plata.

Sources from the organizing committee told that the 2017 edition of these tournaments will be a statement in regards to the development that Xare is currently enjoying, thanks the support given from the FIPV.  They also anticipate that the competition will feature teams from the US, Mexico, Cuba, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Spain and France.  “Once again, the “Balda” and “Del Rio” Cups will become the tournaments for the most important clubs on the international stage and a model for other sports competitions,” organizers, Pablo Ubierna and Roberto Elias affirm.

For more information on both tournaments, contact the organizing committee:

Pablo Ubierna (Laurak Bat Basque Club):
Roberto Elías (Gure Echea Club):

Xare Schools

The initiative by the FIPV, through its president, Xavier Cazaubon, is developing with the aim of disseminating Xare and its development along three lines: a) opening new schools in different countries on the American continent and supporting them through providing materials (xares, balls, helmets); b) exchanges between coaches in Europe and America and c) support for international competitions.

The project, that strengthens ties between Iparralde and Argentina has already begun to concretize and the FIPV has already received material (100 xares, 160 balls, 40 helmets and other eye protection gear) to be used in existing school, or those who are starting programs in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, the US, Cuba and Mexico.

The following schools are already operating:

In Argentina:

-Centro Euzko Etxea, calle 14, nro. 1245, La Plata, Pcia. de Buenos Aires. Tel: +54 221 457 1638.
Contact: Claudio Gil Nájera

-Club Vasco Argentino Gure Echea, Tte. Gral. Juan Domingo Perón 2143, CABA. Tel: +54 11 4953 8328.
Roberto Elías
Horacio Fasán

-Centro Laurak Bat-Club de Gimnasia y Esgrima, Av. Belgrano 1144/ Bartolomé Mitre 149 CABA.
Pablo Ubierna
Miguel Coluccio

-Club de Pelota Gualeguay, H J A Muniz 249, Gualeguay, Entre Ríos. Tel: +54 3444 42 4212.
Contact: Horacio Rodríguez

In Uruguay:
-Centro Pelotaris Mercedes, 28 de Febrero 262, Ciudad de Mercedes. Tel: +598 4532 2168
Contact: Alejandro Péndola

In Chile:
-Centro Vasco Euzko Etxea de Santiago, Vicuña Mackenna 547, Santiago, Región Metropolitana.
Contact: Alejandro Echeverría

-Estadio Español de las Condes, Neveria Nº 4855, Las Condes.
Contact: Javier Echeverría

In Mexico:
-Instituto Politécnico Nacional–Sección Pelota Vasca. Unidad Profesional "Adolfo López Mateos" Av. Luis Enrique Erro (next to the Football Stadium "Wilfredo Massieu") Colonia Zacatenco, México DF. CP O7738
Contact: Emmanuel González Badillo

-CODE Guadalajara-Complejo Deportivo, Fray Antonio Alcalde 1360, Alcalde Barranquitas, 44270 Guadalajara, Jalisco. Teléfono: +55322660019
Contact: Emmanuel González Badillo

-In the USA:
San Francisco Basque Cultural Center, 599 Railroad Avenue, South San Francisco, CA 94080.
Contact: Xabier Berrueta

-In Cuba:
Calle Norte #58 Apto 12, e/35 y 35, Nuevo Vedado, Plaza de la Revolución, La Habana, Zona Postal 10600. Teléfono: +53 7 832 8715
Contact: Abel Toledano Hernández

Looking to the future, in the words of Pablo Ubierna, Deputy Secretary General of the FIPV, there are three training schools whose opening cannot yet be confirmed.  These are in Uruguay (Flores, Colonia and Montevideo having also shown interest),  there is another at the Apphessetche Trinketa in Chino, CA, in the US; and another in Venezuela.  In regards to Xare development in Europe, the Asociación Univers Xare, in Iparralde, is in charge of its dissemination there

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