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While this year’s activities are coming to a close, Zelaiko Euskal Etxea in La Pampa has already announced those for 2013


Carlos de Urquiza and Lalo M. Larrazabal receiving gifts from Angel Baraybar club president and Dora Valcechi Zarratea club secretary (photo EE)
Carlos de Urquiza and Lalo M. Larrazabal receiving gifts from Angel Baraybar club president and Dora Valcechi Zarratea club secretary (photo EE)


A special program of activities has been carried out this year at the Basque club in Santa Rosa as part of their 20 anniversary. Among these include the last event organized by the club where they paid tribute to two local artists who are of Basque descent. The Basques in Santa Rosa began the farewell to 2012 with music by Lalo Molina Larrazabal and Carlos de Urquiza, a farewell that will continue through December 14 with the presentation of book by a club member. Looking ahead, the club has announced building reforms. Those and other news from the La Pampa club follow in this article.

Santa Rosa, Argentina.  Throughout the year the Basque club in Santa Rosa held a number of Basque lunches in which, besides sharing the wonderful dishes prepared by the organization, also provided a space to exhibit works of art. It is worth mentioning that the photo exhibit “Basque Images,” was also part of this series with material by twenty exhibitors.

Now that the cycle is coming to an end, the last event took place on November 18.  It was very attractive to the public and nearly 100 people attended.  The tempting menu was comprised by Basque and Argentine dishes and during the meal the dining room of Zaliako Euskal Etxea was converted into a stage where Lalo Molina Larrazabal and Carlos de Urquiza shared verses of Pompeian poets set to music by Molina Larrazabal.  Both, Basque descendants were honored and both received a present.

Santa Rosako 2012ko azken bazkaria 2012 01

[The last lunch offered two courses: Basque hors d'oeuvres and the entrée was roast with Creole sauce. The photo at the right, Carlos de Urquiza, Lina Yurrita, club secretary and Lalo Molina Larrazabal (photosEE)]

Even though the series of lunches has ended, there are still some days left in 2012, enough time to have another event.  And so that is what will happen at the La Pampa Basque club where club member Néstor Mazzolo Cazanove will present his book Small Elegies to the Water Song on December 14.

Looking ahead

After the intense activity of 2012, the members of Zaliko Euskal Etxea are far from being exhausted, and wishes to continue proposing, and doing.  That is why they have already announced some of their 2013 events, which includes an exhibit, sponsored by the Basque Government, on the 75 anniversary of the Bombing of Gernika that will open in Santa Rosa in July of next year, when the club celebrates its twenty-first year.

“This year has been significant for us, among other things, because of the reincorporation of members who had left and then came back especially for the 20 anniversary.  On the other hand the planning for building remodel will soon take place and we are excited because it allows us to beautify our clubhouse. And on the same note, we know that the program for 2013 will include meetings with other communities in our city,” enthusiastically explained to by club directors.


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