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While the Olavarria Basque club organizes Aberri Eguna, it participated in the Malvinas anniversary


Members of Gure Etxe Maitea Basque club at the Malvinas event on April 2nd (photoEl Popular)
Members of Gure Etxe Maitea Basque club at the Malvinas event on April 2nd (photoEl Popular)


The Gure Etxe Maitea Basque club in Olavarria, in the province of Buenos Aires will hold a dinner on April 5th to celebrate the Day of the Basque Homeland. The event is part of the large program of activities that the club has been holding since February as part of its main goal, to attract children to the Basque club. On the other hand, it also responded to a local invitation with members of the Gure Etxe Maitea participating in the Veteran’s Day and Fallen War Heroes of the War of Malvinas that took place at the allegorical Monument last Tuesday.

Olavarria, Argentina. A delegation of Gure Etxe Maitea represented the Basque community at the event held by the city of Olavarria on April 2nd commemorating another anniversary of the landing of Argentinean Armed Forces on the Malvinas Islands in order to reclaim the territory.  The ceremony in honor of the Veterans and the Fallen War Heroes was presided by Mayor, Jose Eseverri, and seconded by authorities and members of local communities.  The Basques were part of the ceremony complete with Ikurriña and traditional costumes.

Along with this news, club president, Maria Susana Mendizabal, let know that this will be a very busy year for the club with activities focused on youth.  In this spirit, Mendizabal said that there will be workshops held on Saturdays from 15:00-18:00 on reading, art and dance, with each lasting an hour.  At the end of the workshops there will be snacks provided.  In the same way she said, “Thanks to the collaboration of Jose Maria Iceta from the Azul Basque Club,” some cooking classes will also be taught at the club that will include certificates of completion.

In regards to upcoming activities, the club will celebrate Aberri Eguna with a Dinner/Show.  The menu will include salmon mousse, peceto with Béarnaise sauce garnished with star potatoes, flan and cherry pie, almonds and apples with cider to toast.  “The proceeds will go to the renovation of the clubhouse.  Our last purchase was 708chairs for the events hall,” said Mendizabal. The event will take place tomorrow, April 5th at 21:30 on the corner of Alsina and Irigoyen streets.  Cost is $150 with children under the age of 10 eating free.

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