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Vote for your candidate for the 2021 Manuel Lekuona Award by Sunday, the Diaspora is also represented


The nine candidates for the 2021 Manuel Lekuona Award
The nine candidates for the 2021 Manuel Lekuona Award


Donostia-San Sebastián. Sunday, October 3rd is the deadline to vote for candidates for the 2021 Manuel Lekuona Award presented by Eusko Ikaskuntza, the Society of Basque Studies. In this edition, there are 9 candidates including two with direct ties to the Diaspora and this bulletin, Arantzazu Ametzaga is the pure history of our Diaspora, and a luxury collaborator with  Elixabete Garmendia, is a journalist and fine interviewer, collaborator who has also collaborated in our newsletter.  Two very different profiles, but both of great value to the service of Basque culture.

Needless to say that they do not detract from the rest of the candidates (see below).

Eusko Ikaskuntza created the Manuel Lekuona Award in 1983, to reward “careers of creation, research, cultural promotion or social development.  Its concession has a weighted vote count, distributed as follows: Eusko Ikaskuntza members, 30%; Global Basque community, 10%; Institutional Court, 60% (made up of representatives of the Presidency and other Eusko Ikaskuntza reference entities).

You can vote here


-Sagrario Aleman, linguist, Resume
-Arantzazu Ametzaga, Historian, Resume
-Gurutzi Arregi, Ethnography / Anthropology, Resume
-Joxe Azurmendi, Philosophy, Resume
-Jon Bagües, Music / Archivist, Resume
-Xabier Egaña, Art / Painting, Resume
-Felix Fernandez de Romarategui, Art / Ecuador, Resume
-Elixabete Garmendia, Journalism, Resume
-Enrike Zelaia, Folklore, Resume

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