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US Bertsolaris, Martin Goicoechea and Johnny Curutchet sing today with Egaña and Lujanbio in Zizurkil


Martin Goicoechea and Johnny Curutchet (photo
Martin Goicoechea and Johnny Curutchet (photo


Martin Goicoechea and Johnny Curutchet traveled to the Basque Country from the Western US, thanks to Euskal Kultur Erakundea, Bertsularien Lagunak and Bertsozale Elkartea, among other associations.  Today, they will be in Zizurkil, where they will participate in a bertso-bazkari along with Andoni Egaña and Maialen Lujanbio (free admission).  On Friday, they will particpate in a conference on the Diaspora and Baque emigration in Uztaritze. 

Uztaritze, Lapurdi.   Bertsolaris, Martin Goicoechea and Johnny Curutchet traveled to the Basque Country, accompanied by Frantxua Bidaurreta, an euskaltzale and cultural activist, founder and member of many Basque-American institutions, in hopes of strengthening relations between the Bertsolaris on both sides of the Atlantic. To this end, they participated and will participate in several activities over the coming days.

Today, for example, they will be at Mintzola in Villabona to attend the presentation of the Bertsozale Elkartea project.  At noon they will participate in a bertso-lunch in Zizurkil along with Bertsolaris, Andoni Egaña, Maialen Lujanbio, Iñaki Murua, Aritz Zerain and Karlos Aizpurua.  Afterwards, at 7pm, they will give a concert along with Maialen Lujanbio and Andoni Egaña.  Admission is free.

On Basque Emigration

Tomorrow, the US Bertsolaris will visit the Euskal Erakustokia in Baiona, and will do several interviews with the media.  On Friday, October 16, they will participate in the debate on emigration and the Basque Diaspora entitled, Euskal emigrazioa: oroitzapena baino gehiago? (Basque Emigration more than a Memory?) that will take place in Uztaritze.  This conference, organized by Euskal Kultura Erakundea and Eusko Diaspora, can be followed online on Kanaldude

To conclude their trip, the Bertsolaris will be in Baigorri on Saturday, as guests at the Hernandorena saria Bertsolari Awards.  After the championship, there will be dinner and entertainment provided by a klika-txaranga.

Bertsulari Film

Goicoechea and Curutchet arrived in the Basque Country on October 12 and have participated in several events linking Bertsos and the Diaspora.  On Monday, October 12 for example, they gave a talk on Bertsolaritza at the Euskal Kultur Erakundea along with Daniel Landart and Beñat Soulé.

Yesterday, the visited the bertso-eskola at the Manex Erdozaintzi Etxart school in Larzabale and that night they were in Senpere at the presentation of the film Bertsulari along with Bertsolaris, Amets Arzallus y Julio Soto.

Complete information and details available on Euskal Kultur Elkartea’s website, here.

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