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Two more gift ideas from the Diaspora: the “Amerikanuak” CD and a silk neckerchief with a Lauburu, from Elko, NV



During the Christmas holidays original gift ideas are coming from the Diaspora, in this case from the US.  The first is the CD “Amerikanuak,” recorded by the American group by the same name that includes classics danced at Basque festivals in the west.  Proceeds from its sales will go to NABO’s Aita Tillous Fund.  The second idea is a silk neckerchief with a Lauburu created for the Cowboy Poetry Gathering in Elko, NV.  This event will take place at the end of January and gathers a large number of Basque and Basque-American guests.

Reno, NV.  The first gift idea is the CD by the “Amerikanuak” band, led by Jean Flesher in Utah.  It represents a recorded version of all of the songs played and danced at a multitude of Basque dances across the west.  For many, it is the soundtrack of their Basque-American life, the music that they have grown up with at US Basque festivals.

Jean Flesher (accordion and vocals) is accompanied by Rene Caballero (drums and congas), John Ehlis (mandolin, guitar and bass), Jean Pierre Etchechury (drums), Jean-Jules Flesher (alboka, pandero, percussion and vocals), Pierre Igoa (trumpet and vocals), Daniel Iribarren (bass), Christan Iribarren (keyboards and txirula), and Michelle Iturriria (trumpet, sax an vocals.) Robert Iriartborde was the sound engineer and cover design and graphics were also done by Pierre Igoa.

Songs included on the CD are:

1. Andre Madalen
2. Nevadarat Joan Nintzan
3. España Cañi
4. Jostari Buru
5. Garaziko Dantzak
6. Xalbadorren Heriotzean
7. Xarmegarria Zira
8. Hey Baby Que Paso
9. Lantzeko Ihotiak
10. Besame Mucho
11. Kinkiri Kunkuru
12. Behin Batean Loiolan
13. Beer Barrel Polka
14. Cuban Pete
15. Urte Batez
16. Basco Eyes
17. Fiestas De San Fermin
18. Zazpi Jauziak
19. Recuerdo Du Pays Basque
20. Agur Jaunak

Anyone wishing to purchase the CD can do so on their website: Amerikanuak, or on Facebook or Instagram, or you can email them directly: If you are ordering from the Basque Country, you are better off emailing.  You can also save on shipping, by first emailing and then picking up the CD in Donibane Garazi on Rue d’Espagne 16 at Maison Cherbacho Inchauspé

Western neckerchief from the Western Folklife Center in Elko, NV

At the other hand, the Elko Cowboy Poetry Gathering is almost here.  This year’s event will include several Basque and Basque-American guests.  Soon we will publish a dedicated article.  Among the products made this year there is a silk neckerchief with a Lauburu design and comes in two color schemes, black and white, and red, green and white.  Cost of the scarf is $85.

There are currently only 30 black and white scarves available, although the color version will also be ready by end of January.  The neckerchief is 100% silk, with a Lauburu in the middle, as seen at the picture.

If you are not able to attend the event in Elko, you can still order a scarf through the Western Folklife Center on its Facebook page or website or by calling +1 738 7508, ext 4. Orders are encouraged as a limited number will be made.


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    Thanks for mentioning our CD and we love the new look of the page! Great Job!!!!

    Jean (Utah EEUU), 01/13/2018 23:50

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