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Tomorrow the II Festival of Basque Choreographers will begin in Berlin: dance, literature, films and more…


Berlin's II Festival of Basque Choreographers poster
Berlin's II Festival of Basque Choreographers poster


Everything is ready in Berlin for tomorrow’s opening of the second edition of the Festival of Basque Choreographers. All weekend long there will be a steady stream of some of the most outstanding dancers and dance proposals from the Basque Country to the German capital. But the festival will be more than that since there will also be poetry and literature from the likes of Itxaro Borda and Edorta Jimenez; as well as film with the screening of the “Apaizac obeto” (Priests better) and “Modernist Basque Surfing.” Mikel Aristegui, Basque dancer living in Berlin is one of the promoters of the festival, together with the Gernika Basque Center of the German capital city.

Berlin, Germany.  Berlin’s Euskal Etxea and a large part of the Basque community are working excitedly to put the finishing touches on the second Festival of Basque Choreographers in Berlin.  The city's Basque association is collaborating with dancer Mikel Aristegui and Art & Project, the main promoters of the initiative.  Yesterday, the event was presented to the local press at the Cervantes Institute there.  Among those attending was Aizpea Goenaga, director of the Etxepare Basque Institute who also supports the festival. 

Friday through Sunday, Berlin will be converted into the stage for some of the latest Basque artistic proposals in the world of dance, from the traditional to contemporary.  Attendees will also enjoy an open dialogue with other disciplines like poetry, literature, film and bertsolaritza.

Friday, December 9  

-14:00-17:00: Fandango & Arin Arin Workshop with Eneko Gil Alberdi and Nerea Vesga, Uferstudios, Studio 4. 

-19:00 - Presentation of the book Baleen Berbaroa with the author, Edorta Jimenez, accompanied by dance performance by dantzari Idoia Zabaleta and musician Laurentx Etxemendi. Studio 4.

-20:00: Dance: Batteleku batean, by Mikel Aristegui, Silvana Suarez Cedeño and Eneko Gil Alberdi; and Carni di qualità prima, duo including Natxo Montero and Patricia Fuentes. Studio 4.

-21:30: screening of the documentary Apaizac obeto, by Jon Maia. Studio 1.

Saturday, December 10  

-14:00-17:00: Contemporary dance workshop with Natxo Montero. Studio 4.

-19:00: Literature and Dance. Poetry recital with Itxaro Borda, with performances by Naomi Viana and Laurentx Etxemendi. Studio 4. 

-20:00. Dance: Fisura n° 3 with Idoia Zabaleta and 'Lilas', Natalia Monge, trio. Studio 1.

Sunday, December 11  

-19:00: confrontation/improvisation: Improviser-Dantzalari, Miren Artetxe and Jon Maia. Studio 4.

-20:00: Dance: Gorpitz 1 by the Elirale company and Pantxika Telleria; Pi20 by Noemi Viana; and Wie eine grosse Familie, by Mikel Aristegui (4 dancers, 10 youth and 3 musicians). Studio 1

-21: 30: screening of the documentary “Modern Basque Surfing,” of Iker Treviño and Xabier Zirikiain. Studio 1. 

-Party and festival closure.  

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