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Today the call for Gaztemundu 2017 was published in the BOPV with the application period beginning tomorrow



The Official Bulletin of the Basque Country published the Resolution of April 25, 2017 by the Director of Basque Communities Abroad, opening the application period for Gaztemundu 2017.  This year’s program will be dedicated to “traditional Basque musical instruments,” including the alboka, atabal or gaita danborra, the gaita and xirularrua, panderoa, trikitixa, txalaparta, txirula and the txistu.  Anyone interested in participating in the program should prepare a two minute video demonstrating your skill and knowledge of any one of these instruments.  The application period begins tomorrow, and the deadline to apply is June 5th.

Vitoria-Gasteiz.   The application period is now open with the publishing of the Resolution in the Official Bulleting of the Basque Country.  The program will take place September 2-17, 207 and is open to individuals between the ages of 18-35.  Participants must also be a member, for at least three years, of a Basque club recognized by the Basque Government, and have not participated in a prior Gaztemundu since 2003. 

Applicants must demonstrate their knowledge of music as well as that of a traditional instrument including the alboka, atabal or tamborra de gaita, the gaita navarra, panderoa, trikitixa, txalaparta, txirula and the txistu.  In order to do this, a two minute video must accompany the application demonstrating this knowledge, ability with the instrument, skills and teaching experience.

-Complete information in Basque,here; in Spanish, here
-The call in the Bulletin, here.

The application period begins tomorrow and the deadline to apply is June 5th.

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