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Three youth from Euskal Herria will begin the 4th edition of the Anima Zaitez Program today in Villa Maria


2019 Anima Zaitez! Program
2019 Anima Zaitez! Program


Villa María, Argentina. Starting today, through July 19th the Euzko Etxea Basque Club in Villa Maria will host the 4th edition of the Exchange program, Anima Zaitez!  Over the two weeks, the clubhouse will be the site of a large variety of Workshops taught by Irati Aranguren Arrizabalaga from Azpeitia, and Sara Chaves Larrimbe and Paula Gonzalez Miguel from Vitoria-Gasteiz.  The three youth were chosen by organizers to travel to Villa Maria and share their experience, and knowledge about the Basque culture.

Besides the workshops, this year’s Anima Zaitez! program also includes talks about Basque mythology and traditional costumes, the screening of the film Dantza by Telmo Esnal, and a San Fermin celebration on the last night.  The program begins on Monday, July 8th and will continue as follows:

-Monday, July 8th: 18-19:30h, Pandero Workshop from 20-21:30hs. Talk on Basque Mythology from 21- 22:30hs.  1st Dance Workshop
-Tuesday, July 9th: 6:30-18hs, Txalaparta Workshop; 18:30-20hs, Trikitixa Workshop; 20:30-22:30hs,, Dance Workshop 2
-Wednesday, July 10th: 4:30-6pm, Pandero Workshop; 18:30-20hs, Txikitixa Workshop; 20:30hs, Basque Cooking Workshop
-Thursday, July 11th: 17-18hs, Esku pilota Workshop; 18:30-20hs, Trikitixa Workshop; 20hs Workshop on traditional costumes; 21- 22:30hs, Dance Workshop 1
-Friday, July 12th: 16:30-18hs, Txalaparta Workshop; 18:30-20hs, Txiki Workshop
-Monday, July 15th: 16:30-18hs, Pandero Workshop; 18:30-20hs, Txiki Workshop; 20:30-22:30hs, Dance Workshop 1
-Tuesday, July 16th: 16:30-18hs, Txalaparta Workshop; 18:30-20hs, Trikitixa Workshop; 20:30-22:30hs, Dance Workshop2
-Wednesday, July 17th: 16:30-18hs, Pandero Workshop; 18:30-20hs, Txiki Workshop; 20:30hs, Basque Cooking Workshop
-Thursday, July 18th: 16:30-18hs, Txistu Workshop; 18:30-20hs, Trikitixa Workshop; 20:30-22hs, Dance Workshop 1; 22:15hs, Dantza
-Friday, July 19th: 10-11hs, Txalaparta Workshop; 11-12hs, Txistu Workshop; 21hs, Farewell dinner and San Fermin Celebration

All activities are open to the public and are free of charge.  To participate you need to enroll with the club secretary by calling: 0353 4534400. Anima Zaitez! is a program that aims to get youth more acquainted to the Basque culture, as well as provide youth from the Basque Country an opportunity to get to know more about Basque clubs in the Argentine diaspora. The Euzko Etxea in Villa Maria would like to thank everyone who applied to participate in this year’s program and encourage those not chosen, to apply again next year.

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