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The Zazpirak Bat Basque Club in Rosario invites the Basque community to choose a name for its library


Zazpirak Bat of Rosario
Zazpirak Bat of Rosario


Even if it was formally inaugurated in 1954, the Rosario Basque club library doesn’t have a name to identify it among the other community services provided by the club.  That is why the Euskal Etxea’s board of directors has invited the Basque community of Rosario, and the whole Diaspora to participate in the selection of a name that gives it “greater identity.”  The deadline for submitting proposals is May 31st. 

Rosario, Argentina.   A large number of libraries that operate as part of the Basque clubs in their communities have constructed their identity, not only by the activities that they carry out, but also by the name that represents them.  In many cases, but just to name three in Argentina, Matxin Burdin Library at the Euzko Etxea in La Plata, a name that is a literal translation of a classic in Argentine literature Martin Fierro; the Atahualpa Yupanqui Library at the Eusko Etxea in Corpus Christi, also a name that is a reference in Argentine folklore with well-known Basque roots; or the Lucio Echaniz Library at Euskaldunak Denak Bat in Arrecifes, a name chosen in honor of one of the club’s founders. But there are more, like the Jon Oñatibia Basque Library at the UNR and many other.

Using these as models, the current board of directors at Zazpirak Bat, led by Carlos Ibarbia, and with the goal of “promoting the richness of the Basque culture and the significant impact that Basque immigration has had on the people of Argentina and Rosario,” has invited club members, as well as those from other institutions in the Basque Diaspora in Argentina to choose the name of its library. 

Anyone wishing to participate should propose names that they deem appropriate for the library and that would help position it as a cultural reference in the city.  Interested parties should send this form (here) via email to:, by May 31st.

Zazpirak Bat’s Library is located at the Euskal Etxea on Entre Rios 261.  It was formally inaugurated on October 2, 1954, according to the book on the history of the Federation of Basque-Argentine Entities (FEVA) (Basque Government, 1984) and thanks to donations from its members, private libraries and the Basque Government, it now hold approximately 1,500 volumes, of all kinds on diverse topics such as history, literature, linguistics, economics, geography, cuisine and sports.

The library is open to anyone interested in Basques, club member or not, Monday through Friday from 17-21:00pm.

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