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The Park of Basque Adventure in Quebec will celebrate a Basque festival June 15-17


Welcome sign at the Park of Basque Adventure in Quebec
Welcome sign at the Park of Basque Adventure in Quebec


The Park of Basque Adventure in America located in Trois Pistoles, Quebec, is an open-air museum dedicated to the imprints made by Basque whalers on the Atlantic coast of North America. In June, they will inaugurate a new museum, and to celebrate it, they have organized a cultural festival on June 15-17. In addition to the festival, a group of rowers from the Basque Country will be visiting as part of the Indianoak expedition that is traveling the St. Lawrence River from Trois Pistoles to Montreal. The park is inviting Basques in America to join in the festivities.

Trois Pistoles, Quebec. The Parc de l'Aventure Basque en Amerique (P.A.B.A.) has made a special invitation to Basques in America: to attend the celebration of the opening of a new museum on June 15-17 in Trois Pistoles.  The park will be inaugurating a new museum and to celebrate, they have organized a program of cultural events over three days.  The invitation was made by Jean Claude Elissalde, from the Euskal Etxea of Quebec, to NABO. 

The Park of Basque Adventure in America is a museum dedicated to the history of the Basque whalers who have been on these coasts since the XVI century.  The museum was constructed on the shore of the Saint Lawrence River 17 years ago in hopes of publicizing this adventure as well as spreading the Basque culture.

Welcoming the Indianoak

Along with the festival, the museum will also welcome the Indianoak 2013 expedition (  This is a group of rowers from the Ibaialde Association in Angelu-Anglet, who will travel to Quebec in June to travel the Saint Lawrence River from Trois Pistoles to Montreal, like the whalers used to centuries ago.

The festival will include the participation of the Indianos, music, dance and a huge zikiro BBQ.  Anyone wishing to attend should contact the park directly so they can help with lodging.  They can be reached at:

Job offer for Basques in the US

In addition, the museum is also looking for four or five musicians from a Basque community in the US.   Besides providing music for the events, they would also serve as the English-speaking guides for visitors.  The duration of the stay would be for two or three weeks in July.  The park will take care of all expenses, except the flight there.



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