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Olentzero pushed up his visit to the txikis in Sydney, Australia invited by the Gure Txoko Basque club


The boys and girls in Sydney were fascinated by Olentzero (photo Sydney EE)
The boys and girls in Sydney were fascinated by Olentzero (photo Sydney EE)


Everyone knows that Olentzero usually works on December 24th, handing out gifts to all of the boys and girls in the Basque Country, but lately he’s been working over time in various places around the world where there are also Basque kids, invited by various Basque clubs. On December 11th he was in Australia, invited by the Gure Txoko Basque club. The Basques in Sydney got together as every year at Centennial Park where the smallest ones, nervous and excited, waited for the coal maker to arrive. When he did, he passed out many presents to the amazed children and young and old alike enjoyed a beautiful day outdoors in the Australian summer.

Sydney, Australia.  As every year, the Gure Txoko Basque club in Sydney held its welcome to Australia picnic for  Olentzero, the coal maker that according to Basque tradition is in charge delivering Christmas gifts.  This year, the festivities took place on December 11th at Centennial Park in the Australian city. 

Helped by the good weather, club members enjoyed a beautiful day waiting for the arrival of the guest star.  Finally, he appeared, loaded with gifts to the delight and amazement of the smallest ones.  They say that he also brought along some coal for those who misbehaved during the year, but apparently he didn’t find anyone to give it to.  The Basque club shared some images of the day with us. 

Olentzero Sydney 2011 

[The Olentzero passing out gifts to Gure Txoko’s children (photo Sydney EE)]

Olentzero Sydney 2011 2  

[The summer that begins in the southern hemisphere allows Gure Txoko members to enjoy a great day outdoors at Centennial Park (photo Sydney EE)] 

On another note, and continuing with its activities during the month of December, the Basque club also celebrated Santo Tomas on the 19th, at its clubhouse, where attendees were able to enjoy the festivities tasting traditional txistorra pintxos. 

-More photos and information on Gure Txoko’s Facebook page, here


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