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The “Magnificat” by Josu Elberdin is heard once again in the Americas, this time in Tucuman, Argentina


Children singers from various choirs and the Philharmonic Orchestra in Mendoza with Basque musicians performing “Magnificat.”
Children singers from various choirs and the Philharmonic Orchestra in Mendoza with Basque musicians performing “Magnificat.”


The Symphony Orchestra of the National University in Tucuman along with the Children’s Choir of the same, and the Children’s Choir of the Italian School XXI Apirile, in Mendoza accompanied by Alexander Garate on the accordion and Gaspar Jaurena on the Alboka performed the “Magnificat” for a large audience gathered at the Alberdi Theater in Tucuman.  This is the second time that the work of Basque composer, Josu Elberdin, has been performed in Argentina and the American continent.  Its American debut took place in Mendoza in December of 2012. 

Tucuman, Argentina. The Alberdi Theater in the city of San Miguel de Tucuman dressed up on August 22nd to welcome the musicians and choir members who performed the Magnificat  by Josu Elberdin, composer from Gipuzkoa.  Specifically a project supported by professors Silvana Vallesi and Lucia Vallesi, the concert gathered the Symphony Orchestra and Children’s Choir from UNT (National University of Tucuman), directed by Maria Eugenia de Chazal, and the Children’s Choir from the Italian School XXI Apirile from Mendoza directed by Lucia Vallesi.  Soloists included, Alex Garate on the accordion, and Gaspar Jaurena on the alboka. They also participated in the work’s debut, returned to participate in this second performance directed by Maestro Daniel Mazza.

The work made its Argentinean and American debut on December 19, 2012 in Mendoza, as part of the Christmas concert performed by the Philharmonic Orchestra of this province.  The initiative, coordinated by the prestigious choir director, Silvana Vallesi, included the participation of a choir composed by 200 children from various choirs.  The soloists at this event included Alex Garate (accordion) and members of Baietz, Gaspar Jaurena (alboka) and Noe Fernandez and Agustin Alonso on the txalaparta (Video here).

Looking forward, the organizers of the Project hope to repeat the experience in Mendoza, potentially next December.  Due to the success that it has enjoyed to date, and the enthusiasm of the participants as well as the audience, there is also a possibility of taking it to other Argentine provinces.

The work of Josu Elberdin is a piece for choir, orchestra and soloists, trikitixa, alboka and txalaparta.  Divided in seven fragments Magnificat  fustes the sacred and folkloric, Basque and international.  It was recorded in 2009, with the collaboration of Kepa Junkera and his musicians and folkloric instruments. 

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