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The Ibaiko Izarra Basque Club in Concordia celebrates its 28th anniversary joyfully however virtually this year


Ibaiko Izarra’s 38th Anniversary in Concordia
Ibaiko Izarra’s 38th Anniversary in Concordia


Concordia, Argentina. The Basque Community in Concordia at the Ibaiko Izarra Basque Club begun celebrating its 38th anniversary on October 5th.  Due to the pandemic they couldn’t hold the celebration they had planned to, “with a good dinner ‘Basque style,’” but members and friends didn’t’ want the date to go unnoticed and so throughout October they will be uploading contents on social media; anecdotes, photos and videos, interviews and even organizing some raffles.

[The Club’s 38th Anniversary video]

Online Festivities

The club regrets not having been able to organize any face-to-face celebration in this 2020. But the truth is that the institution has proven that they know how to adapt to the times and so made the festivities virtual.

Over the last few weeks they have gathered original videos and allusive ones of the Day of the Diaspora, the Virtual March of the Torchs, through the testimony of dantzari Ana Laura Bidegain, and the Provincial Immigration Festival that was also virtual this year, with the participation from Mendoza of Bizkaian musician Gotzon Batikon. They also shared original material, with music and greetings for Sanferminak.

With the restrictions caused by the pandemic not changing, the Ibaiko Izarra plans to continue events online with the same energy.  In the meantime, don’t miss the material they are uploading that will also include a message from the club’s president, as well as former presidents, along with references of activities carried out by the institution.

-Ibaiko Izarra on Facebook, Centro Vasco Concordia Ibaiko Izarra
-Ibaiko Izarra on Instagram, centrovascocdia

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