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The Gure Txokoa Basque Club in Azul teaches a class on Basque immigration at the local School #62


Isabel Bidegain Elortegui and Cynthia Uberuaga with third-year students at School #62 (photoEE)
Isabel Bidegain Elortegui and Cynthia Uberuaga with third-year students at School #62 (photoEE)


Azul, Argentina. Invited by teacher Cynthia Uberuaga, the Basque club in Azul went to School #62 to teach a class to third-year students.  Professor Isabel Bidegain Elortegui talked to the students about Basque immigration to Argentina and especially referred to Basques who came to the Pampa. During her talk she responded to questions: “What are Basques?” “From where and why did they come?” And “How did they integrate in their new country?”

She also stressed the important cultural contribution the Basques made to the local community.  According to club sources, “the students actively participated and were curious about the subject and were able to compare that immigration to what is happening currently.”

“They also learned some geographic notions of Euskal Herria and some words in Euskera,” they continued.

In other news, Gure Txokoa announced that the lunch that took place last Sunday was a success and they especially wanted to thank Isabel, Hilda, Horacio, Sonia and Elisa who were in charge of the kitchen (photos here).

The Euskal Etxea invites its members to participate in the General Assembly that will take place on Friday, June 28th at 7pm at the clubhouse.  After the year in review, there will be board elections.

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