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The Euzko Alkartasuna Basque Club in Macachin (La Pampa) Argentina, will be the site of the 2018 World Mus Championships


Logo of the 2018 World Mus to take place in Macachin
Logo of the 2018 World Mus to take place in Macachin


The decision was made during the 40th World Mus Championships of Basque Collectivities that is currently being held in California.  According to club sources, the International Mus Association approved Macachin hosting the tournament in the spring, in the southern hemisphere, and fall in the north, next year for champion muslaris from all over the world.

Macachin, Argentina.   The World Mus Championships of Basque Collectivities will take place next year, for the first time ever, in Macachin.  After presenting the project and the tentative program, with the unanimous approval of the delegates, the International Mus Commission voted in favor of the club hosting the 41st annual event.  The tournament that is tentatively scheduled for September 22 and October 1 (TBD), will include outings that will allow attendees to get more acquainted with the Pampa.  The stay will include tours of the surrounding rural area, dairies, Basque festivals and visits to Santa Rosa, capital of the province, among other proposals, like Bahia Blanca, Sierra de la Ventana…

The hosting club is especially thrilled with the challenge, that they “have already begun working on so that the 41st edition surpasses everyone’s expectations.”  They also thanked not only the International Mus Commission, but also the National Commission and the delegations for giving them their “unconditional” support.

It should be noted that the Euzko Alkartasuna has also recently successfully hosted Semana Nacional Vasca in 2015, with the know-how and hospitality that received unanimous praise from the participating delegations.

Currently, the 2017 World Mus Championships are being held, August 25-September 3, in both San Francisco and Chino, CA where Argentina is being represented by muslaris, Álvaro Ocáriz and Héctor Mazzolini from the Euzkal Etxea in San Nicolas.  They are being accompanied by the delegate from San Nicolas, Fernando Ocariz, and Fernando Mujica representing the Euzko Etxea in Macachin.

Euzko Alkartasuna on Facebook: Asociación Unión Baska "Euzko Alkartasuna"

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