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The Euzko Alkartasuna Basque Club in Macachin held a Mus Tournament in honor of Manolo Arriola


Tribute to Manolo Arriola
Tribute to Manolo Arriola


Muslaris from 10 Basque clubs gathered in Macachin, Argentine Pampa, for a tournament in honor of Manuel “Manolo” Arriola, mus icon in Argentina and other countries in the world where this typical Basque card game is played.  During the tribute, and with his widow present, the brand new National Mus Commission unveiled a commemorative plaque. Remember that an Argentine National Mus Commision was formed at the beginning of the year.

Macachin, Argentina.   More than 60 muslaris from Necochea, Chacabuco, Balcarce, Laprida, Mar del Plata, Junín, San Nicolás, Buenos Aires, La Plata, Maipú, and the locals from Macachin competed in the Mus Tournamnet organized by the Euzko Alkartasuna Basque Club April 21-23.  The matches took place at the clubhouse and was supported by the National Mus Commission that was formed at the beginning of 2017.

Of the 33 teams, only one could be the winner and this year that honor fell to Juan Gonzalez and Luis Vicente from Mar del Plata, who besides coming in first were also the first-ever txapelduns of the 1st “Manuel Arriola” Tournament.  

As part of the tournament, those muslaris who were present also paid tribute to Manuel Arriola, one of the main promoters of the game nationally as well as internationally.  Members of the commission unveiled a commemorative plaque and photos at a ceremony that was especially emotional as his widow, Begoña, was also present.

National Commission of Mus

The National Commission of Mus that is responsible for organizing, accompanying and supporting activities associated with Mus, was formed at the beginning of the year with the responsibility falling on institutions instead of on individuals, except in the case of the honorary secretary, Juan Gonzalez.  In this way, the board is comprised of seven clubs, each with its respective job:

President: Euzko Alkartasuna (Macachín)
Vice-president: Euzko Etxea (La Plata)
Secretary: Arbola Bat (Junín)
Honorary Secretary: Juan González
Treasurer: Guillermo Larregui (Chacabuco)
Alternate Treasurer: Euzko Etxea (San Nicolás)
Directors: Anaitasuna (Maipu), Lagunen Etxea (Laprida)

During the tournament held in Macachin, members of the commission met to talk about, mainly, the championship that will take place in Chacabuco June 16-18.  The commission is at the disposal of the Guillermo Larregui Basque Club to collaborate in the organization.  Remember that the National Tournament is where the representatives of Argentina will be chosen for the World Mus Tournament.

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