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The Eusko Etxea in Caracas renovates and reactivates its website: “It is an important bridge and showcase”


Frontpage of the Caracas Eusko Etxea’s updated website
Frontpage of the Caracas Eusko Etxea’s updated website


Caracas, Venezuela. The renovation and reactivation of the club’s website by the board of directors, led by president Ibane Azpiritxaga, is another step on the way to “updating and providing the best service possible to our members and Basque community in Venezuela.”  The Basque club’s institutional presence online was brief and the website hadn’t been updated since 1997.  Now it returns with its same address

As Ibane Azpiritxaga told, “It has been on our to do list, the website has been there since 1997 frozen in time, and we felt it was important to use it and take advantage of all of the tools available to us to fulfill our commitment and keep the doors of communication open and provide a showcase for our members and friends, as well as for those who may be interested in our Eusko Etxea and the Basque community in Venezuela.”

Azpiritxaga values and highlights the work done in Caracas by the local Jazoera newsletter coordinated by Pedro Javier Arriaga Aguirre sharing news from the Basque-Venezuelan community and is grateful for its contributions to the project.  At this time, the club’s website is back up with basic contents and the hope is in time to enrich it with new content, joining efforts with an eye toward providing better service to the Eusko Etxea and to the Basque-Venezuelan community as a whole.

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