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The Euskal Etxea in Rio Grande do Sul held elections and announced its first Basque meeting in Uruguayana


Members of the Board of Directors of Rio Grande do Sul Basque Club (photo RGS EE)
Members of the Board of Directors of Rio Grande do Sul Basque Club (photo RGS EE)


In its three years of life the Euskal Etxea in Rio Grande do Sul has begun an interesting movement to recuperate the Basque culture in the South of Brazil.  Now, the entity has renewed its board of directors, to continue working on this goal. They have also announced a new activity on October 4th, the First Basque Meeting at the Western Border, aimed especially for Basque descendants from Uruguayana.  The cultural program will include a performance by dancers from the renowned Argentine dance group of the Urrundik Basque club in Parana. 

Uruguayana, Brazil.  The Basque club in Rio Grande do Sul will hold an event in Uruguayana on October 4th, in hopes of publicizing its activities among the Basque descendants in the area.  The event will take place at the House of Sheep Ranchers, in the Parque Agricola Pastoril in Uruguayana, during the local Expo Fair.

The cultural program will include a special performance by the dancers from the argentinean Urrundik Basque club in Parana (Entre Rios).  In addition, the club president, Ana Luiza Panyagua Etchalus, will give a talk.  Finally, the veteran Adriano Echevarne will give a talk in the spirit of the fair, on techniques used by Basques, especially in reference to sheep management.  The event will conclude with a dinner for all participants.

Anyone wishing to attend should RSVP on the Facebook page: 1st Basque Descendant Get-Together in the region of the Western Border Gaucha

On the other hand the club has recently renewed its board of directors which is currently comprised by the following:


-President: Ana Luiza Panyagua Etchalus
-Vice-President 1º: Carlos Alberto Tellechea Madeira
-Vice-President 2º: Valério Azkonobieta Ferraz
-Director General: Elimar de Castro Insaurriaga

-Board: Jose Manuel Liceaga,  Adayr Insaurriaga,  Pedro Sorondo, Fernanda Etchepare


-Culture: Claudia Etchepare
-Genealogy: Diego Moreira
-Art and Folklore: Ederson Otharan and Mellina Etchegaray Mattos
-Plans and Finances: Oscar Lorenzo and Vera Inez  Tellechea Gallarreta Salgueiro
-Youth: Carolina Etchepare, Laura Etchalus de Macedo, Julio Zabaleta and Helena Insaurriaga Patzold
-Communication, Web & Social Networks: Alejandro Argañaraz
-Research: Lia Aguirre


-Pelotas: Fabricio Iribarrem, Vera Lúcia Sallaberry, Solani Pereira Rodrigues, Ricardo Irigon Vinhas, João Pedro Zabaleta, Eduardo Faria Insaurriaga, Lourdes Etcheverry
-Uruguayana: Gregório Beheregaray, Paulo Henrique Inda, Gizele Ustra Zubiaurre, Beatriz Tellechea Clausell,  Vifran Tellechea
-Rio Grande: Rachel Tellechea Inda

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