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The “Amurrio” artisanal pastry and chocolates: fine Argentine confectionery with Basque history in Buenos Aires City


The “Amurrio” logo created by Edurne Crespillo Canz combines a Lauburu with the letter A for Amurrio
The “Amurrio” logo created by Edurne Crespillo Canz combines a Lauburu with the letter A for Amurrio


Buenos Aires, Argentina. Since Monday June 15th, the brand new artisanal pastry and chocolate shop “Amurrio,” started accepting orders and make deliveries in the middle of the quarantine providing desserts, tarts, puddings, alfajores, chocolates.  All with the indisputably Argentine brand and flavors, “Amurrio” is the personal business that Basque teacher Cecilia Canz has, and its name and the business' story itself are linked to her Basqueness and her training as an Euskera teacher.

“My mother, Miren Edurne Aranoa Zulueta was born in Amurrio, Araba," Cecilia says, "and when she was a little girl she lived in Bilbao until 1941 when the family came to Argentina."  But Cecilia didn’t choose the name just based on that, she told  

“Some thirty years ago, when i was studying Basque at Maizpide in Lazkao, I use to spend the weekends in Amurrio at my aunt’s house.  She made me try her roasted lightly salted hazelnuts once, and I have never forgotten that flavor since.  So, when I was taking my final at the Argentine Institute of Gastronomy with Maestro Osvaldo Gross, I used those hazelnuts.  And when the exam was over, I thought if I ever had a project one day, I would call it “Amurrio,” for sure,” she explained.

After excellent experiences at gastronomic fairs, “Amurrio,” takes now one more step and has now reached our phones and computers.  To start tasting these wonderful artisanal creations, all you have to do is go to Instagram, choose and order on the same social media.  How do you find Amurrio online?  It’s really easy, the logo combines a Lauburu with an A for Amurrio.

Zorionak, Ceci!

Amurrio Pastry Shop on Instagram

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