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The 2021 poetry anthology “Hatsaren Poesia,” from Lapurdi includes "Arima," a poem by Basque Argentine teacher Beatriz Poume


From Lapurdi, “Hatsaren Poesia,” published a poem by Beatriz Poume
From Lapurdi, “Hatsaren Poesia,” published a poem by Beatriz Poume


Tandil, Argentina. Invited by Ainara Maia, referent from the Hatsaren Poesia poetry group in the Basque Country, Beatriz Poume, Basque teacher at the Gure Etxea Basque Club in Tandil has published her poem “Arima bat,” (One Soul), in the 2021 poetry anthology “Hatsaren Poesia.” In this way, participation from the Diaspora grows in this project in Lapurdi that included in 2019 and 2020 poems by Javier Tisera, a writer also from Argentina, from San Nicolas.

Beatriz Poume met Ainara Maia in the Jalgi Hadi Mundura online group. In her words, “two years ago, Andre Bella (Basque teacher in Montevideo) invited me to participate in a group that met virtually on Tuesdays and Saturday.  I accepted the invitation with some doubts and a little afraid since I didn’t know exactly what I would do there.  The activities keep changing, we talk, always in Euskera about various topics and there are a lot of people, including Ainara.”

“Ainara is a writer and organized a poetry workshop.  At that workshop, I told her that I had a poem in Basque, the result of an activity that was part of the Euskara Munduan Program.  This poetry, inspired by Kirmen Uribe, is “Arima Bat,” and after listening it, Ainara offered to publish it.

Beatriz has strong feelings regarding Euskera and the Basque culture, but she isn’t sure if she has family in the Basque Country. She does know that her ancestors came to Argentina in the 19th century, some from Goierri Gipuzkoa (Olaberria, Beasain, Lazkao…), other from Navarre (Gaintza).  She studied Basque at the Tandil Basque club where she was a student turned teacher following the Euskara Munduan Program.

“Euskera is something marvelous in my life,” Beatriz says.  “Thanks to the world of Euskera I have been able to do many things; I made friends and met people that I will always carry in my heart.”

 Nire arima (Beatriz Poume)

Bada maite dudan lagun bat
Nire helburua lortu nahi dudanean
“bai, bai, bai hobeto, bai” esaten  dit

Bada maite dudan lagun bat
Baikor sentitu behar dudanean
“bai, bai, bai, hobeto bai” esaten dit
“Gauza ederrak pentsatu dituzula”

Bada maite dudan lagun bat
Gaixotzen duenaren aurka egin nahi dudanean
“Bai, bai, bai, jaso bai” esaten dit
“Zuk egin ahal duzula”

Bada maite dudan lagun bat
Lagun horren izena gainditzea da
“bai, bai, baietz” esaten diot egunero
Beti kasu egingo dizut bada.

Mi alma

Tengo un amigo quien quiero
Cuando quiero lograr un objetivo
Me dice sí, sí, sí, mejor sí

Tengo un amigo que quiero
Que cuando tengo que sentirme positivo
Me dice sí, sí, sí, mejor sí.
Sí que has pensado cosas hermosas

Tengo un amigo a quien quiero
Cuando quiero enfrentarme a lo que enferma
Dice sí, sí , sí, arriba
Tú lo puedes hacer.

Tengo un amigo a quien quiero
El nombre de ese amigo es superación
Sí, sí, a que sí, le digo todos los días
Siempre le haré caso.

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