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Semana Vasca 2018 (III): Intense Saturday with Urkullu participating in the Mintzodromo among other activities


Lehendakari Iñigo Urkullu at the Mintzodromo in Mar del Plata
Lehendakari Iñigo Urkullu at the Mintzodromo in Mar del Plata


Mar del Plata, Argentina. Saturday was an specially intense day at Semana Vasca 2018 in Mar del Plata.  The first events in the morning took place in various locations.  At the Basque club headquarters there were meetings of dance directors, Basque libraries, and Basque choirs.  At the same time, Club Quilmes hosted the traditional FEVA meeting with Basque clubs from all over the country.

After the meeting, representatives from Basque-Argentine entities were visited by Lehendakari Urkullu and a delegation from the Basque parliament from Euskadi.  The Lehendakari gave a talk and thanked, and put value on the commitment that the diaspora has to Euskadi.  He also presented Euskadi with three themes: Basque Model of Sustainable Human Development, the challenge of Internationalization in Euskadi and the vision to the future of the Basque self-government.

With barely any time for lunch, the next event was the Mintzodromo (Basque conversation practice) that was attended by a number of Basque students and teachers from several Basque clubs and among other participants was Lehendakari Urkullu himself and the Director of the Etxepare Basque Institute, Irene Larraza as well as directors from FEVA and Basque parliamentarians.

On Saturday afternoon, the Lehendakari also unveiled a commemorative plaque at the Monument to the Basque Immigrant with the event concluding with dantzaris, musicians and others preparing for the tamborrada and the Evening Dance Show.  Among the 30 dance groups attending was Akelarre who came from Hendaia expressly for the event.

[Lehendakari Urkullu at the Mintzodromo talking with Marcial Agostini Zubillaga from Necochea]

Below: Kalejira or parade all the way to the Evening Dance Show


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