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New titles by Ekin in Buenos Aires; Eusketxe starts today the online workshop “Argentine Authors of Basque Descent”


New books and activities at Ekin and Eusketxe in Buenos Aires
New books and activities at Ekin and Eusketxe in Buenos Aires


Buenos Aires, Argentina. From the Basque publisher Ekin and the Eusko Kultur Etxea both headquartered at Lizarrenea in the capital city, Maria Elena Etcheverry let us know about the last two titles available, and also about upcoming activities.  Ekin published two new titles in 2021: Beotibar-Zazpi mende geroago (1321-2021) (Beotibar-Seven Centuries After), by Xabier Irujo and Larraitz Ariznabarretra; and The Bombing of Gernika by Xabier Irujo.

The first book delves into the Battle of Beotibar, “one of the many dark situations in the history of our country,” explains its authors who also add, “It has been painted very colorfully and this must removed before observing, investigating and learning the historical sources, to build a more faithful historical account and get closer to the truth.”  The book is in Basque and is #83 of the “Basque Culture Library – Euskal Kultura Bilduma” collection.

In regards to The Bombing of Gernika, it addresses how the Bombing has become a symbol: "Symbol of many things, but mainly of that capacity for falsehood possessed by the new Machiavellianism that threatens to destroy all ethical hypotheses of civilization" reads the back cover. The publication is part of Ekin's “Euskadi ta Askatasuna” series and is in English.

Both titles are available online.  The first on Amazon; and the second can be downloaded for free from UNR’s website here.

Literary Workshop on Argentine Authors of Basque Descent

Today the virtual workshop “Literature and philosophical exploration. Argentine Authors of Basque Descent” begins at Eusketxe. The workshop will be taught by Professor Luis Maria Etcheverry and he will talk about Esteban Echeverria, Lucio V. Mansilla, Leopoldo Marechal, Arturo Jauretche, Manuel Mujica Lainez, Julio Cortázar, Silvina Ocampo Aguirre and Olga Orozco.

Meetings will take place every Friday in May beginning at 7pm.  For more information and to enroll email More information available here

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