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New Euskadi Delegates Appointed: in the U.S., Ander Caballero, and in Chile, Rafael Kutz


Ander Caballero and Rafael Kutz (,
Ander Caballero and Rafael Kutz (,


The Basque Government has made two new appointments this morning in the area of Foreign Affairs, namely appointing Ander Caballero Barturen as the Basque Delegate to the United States, Canada and Mexico, and also appointing Rafael Kutz Garaizabal as Delegate to Chile and Peru. Other recent appointment in this area is Sara Pagola as Delegate of the Basque Country in Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay.

Vitoria-Gasteiz. The Governing Council of the Basque Government announced this morning, after its usual Tuesday meeting, the appointment of two new Euskadi delegates: Ander Caballero Barturen has been chosen as the new Euskadi Delegate in the United States, Canada and Mexico. The delegation is based in New York and has a representative office in Mexico City (*). Additionally, Rafael Kutz Garaizabal has been named the head of the Delegation of Chile and Peru. Kutz has already served as a Euskadi Delegate, during the tenure of Ibarretxe, in Colombia, Venezuela and Central America.

The government of Lehendakari Urkullu has now appointed delegates in key delegations of Euskadi in the Americas, including that which took place a few weeks ago when  Sara Pagola was appointed as the head of the delegation in Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay. The vacancy in the Delegation in Colombia, Venezuela and Central America still remains to be filled in regards to this part of the world.

Besides the aforementioned, there are two other Basque delegations in Europe located in Brussels and Madrid.

(*) This has been changed and with Lehendakari Urkullu's government Mexico has recovered its own Delegation. Mexico Delegate Ibon Mendibelzua was appointed April, 22


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