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More than 50 youth begin FIVU’s Udaleku 2012 today in Uruguay


Photo from a previous edition of FIVU's Udaleku with campers around the campfire (photo
Photo from a previous edition of FIVU's Udaleku with campers around the campfire (photo


After various postponements (it usually takes place during the summer months, at the beginning of February) the Federation of Basque Institutions in Uruguay (FIVU) will begin Udaleku 2012 today in Minas in the department of Lavalleja. There are a total of 60 participants between youth and instructors, in this event that will take place from today through Sunday the 4 of November. This is the eleventh Udaleku in Uruguay.

Montevideo, Uruguay.  In full austral spring and “in a green mountainous region of the country that resembles the Basque Country, according to what organizers told, children and youth from various Basque clubs that comprise FIVU will be in Minas today to participate in Udaleku 2012.  Uruguay was the pioneering country in this part of the world, and the first to hold such an activity for children between the ages of six and fourteen years old to learn more about their Basque heritage. 

A total of sixty participants, youth, teachers and support staff, who provide assistance to the summer camp organized for recreational and educational purposes, this time Udaleku will have participants from such clubs as Haize Euskaro Hegoa of Montevideo; Gure Etxea of Rosario, Uruguay; San Jose Euskaldunak Taldea of San Jose, and Ibai Ondoko Basque club of Carmelo. Their ages range from six to fourteen years of age, the age at which they can join in the activity as auxiliaries, along with instructors and adult support staff.

Activities will take place in a natural environment, at the source of natural water Fuente Salus and they will include fieldtrips to the nearby mountain El Verdun.  They will also play games and dance, with evenings around a bonfire, talks, walks etc. a vacation atmosphere all the while learning, with proposed games such as, “’gymcana’ not competitive, with Udaleku 2012 t-shirts being distributed,” according to FIVU.


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