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Mexican-Basques celebrate “El Grito” in Euskal Herria; Athletic’s Mexico City fan club gathers to see the debut of San Mamés


Shot from the Mexican-Basque meal in the Basque Country
Shot from the Mexican-Basque meal in the Basque Country


We have heard about various activities from both Mexico and the Basque Country carried out by Mexican-Basques. One the one hand a group of Basques originally from Mexico but who now reside in the Basque Country celebrated “El Grito” or Mexico’s Independence day with a meal that took place in Gordexola. Maitena Jauregui shared the events of the day. In addition, in Mexico a large group of Athletic’s fan club there gathered at the Mexico City Basque club last Monday the 16th to see the first game to take place at the new San Mames Stadium. The atmosphere, of course, was full of red and white! In addition, yesterday food was collected for the victims of floods in Guerrero at the Basque club.

Bilbao, Bizkaia.  On Sunday, September 15, a group of Mexican-Basques living in the Basque Country gathered in Gordexola (Bizkaia) to celebrate the Mexican Independence day, one of the first Mexican holidays.  There were around 20 in attendance and all were born or lived in Mexico for a time, and had the Basque club in common.

Maitena Jauregui Belausteguigoitia, organized the meal and explained, “The gathering was wonderful,” and during the day they shared memories, anecdotes and songs.  Some of those in attendance were Amaya Plazas and her husband, Ma. Olatz Zubeldia, Ricardo García del Villar (other supporters of the event), Luis Fica and his wife, Jon Azua and his sister Miren, Begoña Cano and her sister, Eneko Belausteguigoitia and Santiago Aguirre. And from Mexico, Julen Ruiz de Azua and his wife Miren also joined in the festivities.

 Basque Mexicans Luncheon Gordexola 2013

[Everyone had a great time a the Mexican-Basque meal]

Many friends were not able to attend the meal but nevertheless, the event was deemed a success and organizers plan to do it again next year.

San Mames Debut

On the other hand, the Euskal Etxea in Mexico City published on its Facebook page that on September 16th the Athletic Fan Club gathered at the clubhouse to watch the game that inaugurated the new San Mames Stadium.  Attending were 40 adults and 20 children, many dressed in Athletic gear and a great time was had by all, which was helped by the ending score 3-2 against Celta.

Mexico Peña Athletic 2013

[Many children also attended sporting their Athletic t-shirts proudly]

Finally, yesterday, Member Miguel Larregui and other volunteers of the Basque club gathered food for the victims of the floods in Guerrero at the Euskal Etxea headquarters.



  • Looking for Maitena Belausteguigoitia

    I'm coming to Spain on July 17th and would like to see my old friend, Maitena. She has not responded to Facebook requests. Please ask her to email me at the above address. I'm flying into Coruna but could drive over to Bilbao, where I met Maitena in 1975. Tell her my phone number is 774-254-0896. Thanks very much. Florence Jonic, Massachusetts, USA

    Florence Jonic, 07/11/2014 16:06

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