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Map "of Buenos Aires Celebrates the Basque Country" 2017 with stages, stands and other information


Map of Buenos Aires Celebrates the Basque Country 2017 with locations of stages, gazebos, stands and other information
Map of Buenos Aires Celebrates the Basque Country 2017 with locations of stages, gazebos, stands and other information


The Laurak Bat Basque Club has published a map that indicates the placement of the various stands, gazebos, stages, along with the various entities participating in tomorrow’s Buenos Aires Celebrates the Basque Country Festival 2017, in the middle of the capital city, on Ave. de Mayo at the intersection with Bolivar and Chacabuco. 

Buenos Aires, Argentina.   Everything is ready in the Argentine capital for the noon kick off of the sixth edition of Buenos Aires Celebrates the Basque Country.  This year’s huge event is being held in conjunction with the commemorative program for Laurak Bat's 140th Anniversary that continues through Sunday.

With less than a day before BAC, the organization has publshed a map with the locations of various stands, gazebos, stages and the entities participating in the festival (follow the latest updates and news on BAC's Facebook page).


The list of euskal etxeas, Business and institions that will particpiate this year:

Musical Groups

Choirs: Lagun Onak, Ixilik, Zutarriak

Dance Groups

-Eusketxe, Ekin Dantzari Taldea from Buenos Aires
-Euzko Etxea from La Plata
-Zingirako Euskaldunak from Chascomús
-Denak Bat from Cañuelas
-Denak Bat from Lomas de Zamora
-Toki Eder de from José C. Paz
-Euskaldunak Denak Bat from Arrecifes
-Euskaltzaleak from Buenos Aires
-Unión Vasca from Bahía Blanca
-Zazpirak Bat from Rosario
-Lagun Onak from Pergamino
-Beti Aurrera from Chivilcoy
-Euskal Echea School
-Guillermo Larregui from Chacabuco
-Anaitasuna from Maipu
-Lagunen Etxea from Laprida
-Laurak Bat from Buenos Aires


Laurak Bat, Euskaltzaleak, Euzko Etxea from San Nicolás, Restó Sagardi, Txindoki taldea (food group), Restó Burzako, Restó Haritza, Restó Zazpirak Bat from Rosario, Restó Getxo, Restó Club Burzako, Markina (dairy truck), Restó Mesedez, Coffee and Pastries, Ice-Cream, Juices and Smoothies, Squid and Prawns.

Crafts and Vendors

Eliana Dubarry, Andrea Meana, Virginia la Orden, Farmhouses from the Iparraldeko Euskal Etxea-Centro Vasco Francés, Gure Gutiziak, Paletas El Vasquito, Alpargatas Granalla, Over Trails Turismo, Lácteos El Mundo


Laurak Bat, Delegation of the Basque Government, Euskal Echea School, FEVA, Government of Navarre,, FECOBA


Euskera, sports, publications, genealogy, txikis, Gure Esku Dago

Daily Program:

-12:00hs, Parade of students from the Euskal Echea School
-12:15hs, Authorities welcome
-13:00hs, Korrika
-13:15hs, Ezpata-dantza and Arcos de Flores (with the participation of several euskal etxeas)
-15:30hs, Fandango and Arcos Mixtos (with the participation of several euskal etxeas)
-17:45hs, Kalejira

-12:30hs, Performance by Lagun Onak Choir
-13:15hs, Txistulari performance
-14:00hs, First block of dance performances
-15:00hs, Zutarriak
-15:30hs, Tamborrada
-16:00hs, Ixilik
-16:45hs, Second block of dance performances
-17:30hs, Final Fandango

-12:30hs, Rural Sports: aizkolaris and sokatira
-13:15hs, Cooking Classes by Itziar Aguirre and Koko Egozkue
-15:00hs, Children’s activities
-15:15hs, Sokatira
-15:30hs, Dantza on the Plaza directed by Aitor Alava

Facebook, Buenos Aires Celebra al País Vasco - Laurak Bat

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