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Jaialdi 2020 is now inviting artists who would like to participate from the Basque Country to apply


The Capitol building in Boise flying the US flag and the Ikurriña
The Capitol building in Boise flying the US flag and the Ikurriña


There are just two year until Jaialdi 2020 in Boise, but the organizational machine of what is said to be the largest Basque festival outside of the Basque Country, is already on it.  Jaialdi just opened the call for applications from artists and groups from the Basque Country who would like to participate whether they be musicians, dantzaris, singers, or any other kind of artist.  Who knows if another initiative from somewhere else in the Diaspora would be a good fit? The deadline to apply is September 15th.

Boise, ID.   Remember the next Jaialdi, the festival celebrated every five years in Boise, is set for July 28-August 2, 2020.  Its organizers present it as the largest Basque festival outside of the Basque Country backed by the figures from its last edition that numbered some 35,000 people.

The program gathers artists, musicians, local dantzaris from all over the US, as well as a selection of artists from the Basque Country.  The application period is now open for the latter, artists and groups that may contribute to Jaialdi’s brightness, color and originality from the European Basque sector.

The usual process includes sending a video of the proposed show.  Nevertheless, the first step is to get in touch with the organization that is facilitated through the following links from its website:

-Jaialdi website:

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