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Is your last name Kruzalegi, Cruzalegui or one of its variants? The Trujilloko Euskal Etxea invites you to a “family reunion”


The Crucelegui brothers was a well-known arms factory in Eibar (Gipuzkoa)
The Crucelegui brothers was a well-known arms factory in Eibar (Gipuzkoa)


Trujillo, Peru. What do you know about your origins, the origin of your surname and your ancestors and the culture and country from which they came to America? The Basque Center of Trujillo, Trujilloko Euskal Etxea, invites you on August 15 to an online meeting of all those people with the surname Cruzalegui, Kruzalegi, Crucelegui, Cruzalaegi (or any of its variants) who are interested in knowing more about where they come from.

Entitled, “Cruzalegui, a Meeting of its Roots,” anyone interested in learning more and learning to speakers who talk about the last name Cruzalegui, its origin in the Basque Country, its significance, its move from Europe to America and its dissemination through various surrounding countries.  Scholars will address these issues in a program that will surely provide those present with invaluable information, difficult to obtain otherwise, and less grouped in a single session.

It is a free cultural event sponsored by the Trujilloko Euskal Etxea. 

"Cruzalegui, a Meeting of its Roots"
Date: August 15, 2021 
Time:  10:00am (Lima)
            12:00pm (Argentina, Chile, Uruguay)
            17:00pm (Basque Country)
Join via Zoom:


1 Opening, welcome and family greeting (Rodil Cruzalegui)
2 Basque migration (Juan C. Verástegui, Basque Center of Trujillo)
Brief historical account about the arrival of the Basques in America
3 Cultural presentation, video: Sican Culture
A sample of an ancestral regional culture, pre Inca, from the north of Peru
4 Basques from the villages ... Javier Tisera (Argentina)
Background and processes for the formation of the Basque diaspora in the towns
5 Greetings, comments and anecdotes (Jorge Cruzalegui Herrera, Walter Cruzalegui Piscoya)
and spontaneous. Moment for the integration and open participation of the attendees
6 Basque Diaspora and Greeting (video): Jasone Garitaonandia (Basque Parliament)
How they see us from the Basque Country and the integration processes of the Basque Diaspora
7 Closing and farewell (Wilfredo Lizarzaburu, Centro Vasco de Trujillo)
Role of the Basque Clubs in the process of family integration and dissemination of the Basque contribution

General direction: Silvia Verastegui Carranza (Basque Center of Trujillo)
Logistical support: Eng. Juan Carlos Luna Victoria Arteaga (Basque Center of Trujillo)

In September they are planning a reunion o the Goicocheas and in October one of the Arteagas. Spread the word! 

Trujilloko Euskal Etxea – Trujillo Basque Club

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