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In the Diaspora, International Day of Euskera becomes Euskera Week; festivities in Argentina, Chile, Peru, Uruguay…


Euskera Day 2018 in Mar del Plata
Euskera Day 2018 in Mar del Plata


Donostia, Gipuzkoa. Last Monday, December 3rd, marked ENE - Euskararen Nazioarteko Eguna, or International Day of Euskera, in the Basque Country as well as in the Diaspora.  In fact, Basque speakers around the world, people of Basque descent, as well as language admirers join in the festivities every year to express, once and for all, that despite everything Euskera has gone through, it has past, present and a brilliant future, that thanks to the Diaspora has no geographical limits.

In South America, the festivities took on different looks: with specific places for Basque conversation, with videos and sketches, lunches and dinners, dancing and singing, it doesn’t matter how, the important thing is to use our language in everyday activities.

In today’s article, we provide a sample with a photo gallery as well as videos of activities at Basque clubs in Argentina, Chile and Uruguay.

[Students in Azul performing “Cooking Porrusalda"? More photos and videos of the festivity, here]

[At the Hiru Erreka Basque Club in Tres Arroyos, the txikis jump into Euskera]

[In Mendoza, Euskera, txikis, live music and dance.  More photos and videos here]

[Choir at the Salto Basque club in Uruguay, also celebrated Euskera day.  More photos here]

[Euskera Day greetings from Basque students and teachers in Eusko Etxea in Santiago, Chile. More photos here]

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