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How does it sound in Basque? Ahozko Hiztegia is the online Basque audio dictionary


Ahozko Hiztegia, a Basque language audio dictionary
Ahozko Hiztegia, a Basque language audio dictionary


Are you learning Basque and have doubts about how to pronounce a particular word? Would you like to know how Basque sounds? Now, there is a solution to these problems online and for free. Ahozko Hiztegia is a free online Basque dictionary that provides the meaning of the words, pronunciation and the synonyms.

Bilbo, BizkaiaIt is now available online, simple and free. Hiztegia Ahozko will show how to pronounce the words in Basque, the translations and the synonyms. However, the translations and synonyms are only in Spanish.

You can reach it from these two sites:

Once you click on one of these links, you can write the word in the search box and it will provide the 1) synonyms, 2) the translation in Spanish for a Basque word, or the translation in Basque for a Spanish word.  

By clicking on the word, a new window will open, in which you can listen to the pronunciation of the word by pushing play. 

Aholab laboratory provided the synthetic voices. The project has been implemented in 5000 Hiztegia (Adorez Hiztegiak) Basque dictionaries after signing an agreement between the Bostak Bat workgroup and the University of the Basque Country (UPV-EHU), with the support of the Azkue Foundation and the Government of the Basque province of Bizkaia.


  • your dictionary

    hello again. Please do not answer here, but email me, if your dictionary works fine.

    Armine, 09/07/2013 18:01

  • your dictionary

    Hello, I am learning basque and need a guide for prononciation. Your above dictionary finds the words, but the prononciation does not work as you tell that we have to click on the word. So can you check what is wrong?

    Armine, 09/07/2013 17:59

  • Answer to Jaques

    Sure, we´ll read a translation for you on the phone. Zorionak, congratulations for the wedding and our best wishes!, 06/22/2013 17:29

  • Translation and how does it sound

    Dears, I am preparing a speech for the wedding of my son next saturday June 29. In one sentence I would like to welcome the family of his promised coming from Bilbao in the basque language. Here is the sentence in french: "Vous êtes venus très nombreux du Pays Basaue. Nous sommes touchés par votre solidarité familiale". Could you please kindly provide me the translation in basque? Then I'll try to find the good pronunciation on your site. Alternative might be that I phone somebody who could read the translation for me over the phone. Jacques Mathieu 0473927567

    MATHIEU Jacques, 06/22/2013 13:19

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