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News rss incorporates a blog section with opinions, comments and reflections on the Diaspora


The new blog section, front page after the photo galleries
The new blog section, front page after the photo galleries

ADVERTISING is featuring a new section, a blog space signed by different people in the Basque Country as well as in the Diaspora that will include opinions, information, comments and reflections on Basque Diaspora and Culture topics.  First signer are Noel Elorga from Bidarrai, Lower Navarre; Pedro J. Oiarzabal, from the University of Deusto, in Bilbao; and Marita Echave, from Coronel Moldes, Argentina along with a post and a general presentation by Joseba Etxarri, director of You can see the posts on the front page, after the photo gallery.  Each blogger chooses his/her language, so that there will be entries in English, Basque, Spanish and French. 

Donostia-San Sebastian. With the debut of the new blog section, is hoping to provide a new space to meet and exchange information, reflection and critical commentary and opinions on Basque Culture and Diaspora topics..

The first posts are by Noel Elorga, from Lower Navarre, a person with a intense personal and professional relationship with the Diaspora. He is a member and supporter in the Basque Country of a large number of projects and cultural initiatives, including the association Euskal Argentina, that links Basques from the Basque Country and those in South America.

Pedro J. Oiarzabal, historian and researcher at the University of Deusto in Bilbao is a specialist on emigration and Diaspora topics that he has researched specifically in relation to the Basque Diaspora and new technologies.  He has also lived and is very aware, from firsthand experience, of the Diaspora having lived a great part of his life outside the Basque Country first in Ireland and later in the US, where he has devoted himself to this matter at the University of Nevada, Reno. He published several books and has prolonged personal and professional contacts and interaction with Basque communities worldwide, specially those in the USA..

Finally, the fourth blog today is by Marita Echave, who writes from Coronel Moldes, in Argentina.  Marita works with various media and is the author of many articles on Basque topics.  Her book, Rural Basque Cooking – Euskal Baserri Sukaldaritza mixes experiences and Basque stories lived in the kitchen with her grandparents from Gipuzkoa with Basque-Argentine recipes, and was very well received.  She has also authored other books and stories and founded the Basque club in her hometown.

During the coming days other authors form the Basque Country and the Diaspora will also be debuting their first posts on our new blog section, including English ones.

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